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Static convoys

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I noticed a problem when creating convoys. They do not apply the industrial modifier to the convoy.

Is there anyway to do it or at least an escalating scale. Can you put a date field in the convoy. So that in 1939 Canada gives 20%, write another convoy script under this one for 1940 now they give 30%, and so on. Each subsequent year's convoy is written beneath with the #DATE field. Would it work? I dont see date as one of the fields. If it did and there were multiple convoys would the program take the last active one in the txt file as the active one or give an error?

;Canada supplying UK:


#NAME= Canada sends resources to the UK




#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 2

#AI= 0

#GV= 1[1,100]

#LINK= 0[0]












#SOURCE_PORT= 118,39


#WAYPOINT= 128,39

#WAYPOINT= 135,28

#WAYPOINT= 144,24


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Big Al, by Industrial Modifier do you mean how much you wish to transfer or that the Industrial Modifier does not apply to the transfer calculations. If it is the latter I believe this is incorrect as the MPPs are calculated for the owner of the convoy first which includes the IM and then the amount transferred is set by the PERCENTAGE value.

For your other question, if there was a date field then you could set up variable CONVOYS that would trigger depending on date. Scripts are read in top down order so you would set the later dates as the top entries but since there is no date field this will not work.

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I industrial modifer for technology. Since I am basing my scenario in historical production I am making IM tech free to simulate growing economies.

My problem is convoys. Like UK gets 54 MPPs from all convoys and its IM tech is 0 (20% industrial multiplier. Its home resources make lets say 50 MPPs. So 50 MPP home + 50MPP convoy = 100MPPs

Now it gets a +1 tech (jumps from 20% to 40%) to industrial modifier so its home resources are now 100 MPPs. Does the convoy jump up also? I see it still as 50 MPPs.

So a few questions. Is the min/max percentage chance or based on the IM tech?

If not then does it go like this

country convoying 40MPPs (1/2 for not connected) = 20 MPPs I have the convoy set to 50% min, 50% max = 10MPPs now is that multiplied by the transfered IM tech?

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I have been through most of what you are doing:

The UK IM applies only to UK owned, not allies. Allies are at 100% always, that is why convoys are always at 100% IM.

The max is adjustable for Majors only - i.e. the USA lend-lease can be adjusted from 0% to the Max % - so for example if the UK is under duress they may drop any convoys to russia.

Max means nothing for Minors, as far as I can see they stay at the level assigned.

I opted for tech instead, with 200% possible by maxxing it out - but industrial tech is expensive. Some nations get a bigger bonus though - us gets most.

In fact, how do you make tech automatic?

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I didnt see the last part. With tech I lowered the max chits and made it cost ZERO. I calculated on average when players would increase tech for industry if I gave them 1 chits. Each time they upgraded they get another free chit, but they gotta pump it in there.

Mathematically it should allow the players to historically move up the production chart.

The convoys were static so I had to adjust some things not how I wanted it.


BTW I saw in your game you have a convoy from China to Japan?!?! Yet it doesnt work because they are at war. Have you figure out how to get resources out of China via convoy?

I already made 1 country for NEI oil. They have a capital in Japan "NEI Co-Prosperity Sphere" and when NEI is conquered I transfer all the hexes to them. Now I can run a convoy. I was thinking of making another "Co-Prosperity Sphere" fake nation for indo-china/Malaysia. The fake country is only there to give convoy for resources and is a 100% axis ally.

Not sure how the the convoys work but I was wondering if you pass a convoy line through another port would it pick up resources there? That way when the Japs take Malaysia I can simply add more territory to my fake country to ship more back to Japan.

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1 - I tested it and I am sure that when a Nation surrenders, it is now 100% controlled by the side that conquered, so a convoy works. I also set up the DEI and did a DoW as Japan and popped a unit into the capital. It surrendered and the convoy began.

2 - China will only happen if China surrenders (they take ChungKing). I wanted to do this so that they are more vulnerable to SW even if they have defeated China - as a counter-balance.

3 - No it does not matter if you pass through another port at all - I just do it for realism in some areas. I think in fact if the port is captured it will re-route around it.

I don't believe you need the "Co-Prosperity" fake nation. Look at the script, sometimes it is just an error. Very easy to make all sorts of mistakes that cause something to not work I found tons of them. I tend to cut and paste then modify so often I miss something.

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