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Big Al's Goblal Screen Shots

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Gotta test out all the scripts before I put it up and change a few graphics before I put it up for download.

The resolution sucks but I tried my best to get some images up considering the file restraints of the forum.

jpg zipped up

Here are some of the game mechanics....

The scenario is all important theatres of operation. There is no mid-south africa, no south america. I did manage to get in west and east coasts connected by loops.

I made graphics for the Japs (took some from Nup also to assist).

Yes France is a minor and despite the supply problem of 10 to 8 I think its reasonable for the allies to have less supplies. I put in special provisions for turkey joining either the axis or allies depending on how well each side does. The axis have to take a lot of the middle east to sway them. The allies should get them late 44 with a little diplomacy.

Spain was interesting. I made spain shift toward axis for axis gains in the middle east. Then is still needs some pushing to put it in the axis camp. But if the germans successfully invase UK Spain will join. There is a little know fact that the plain reason Franco did not join and did not allow the Germans to come through his country is because he didnt think the Germans could beat the English. Hitler showed that when he lost the Battle of Britain. But if Hitler put forth all effort to removed England from the war Franco was much more agreeable to join. Thus in this game you have to focus on the UK to take them out

The US on average will come in mid 1942 on their own based on historical axis advance. But that is also random. The fast the axis advance the faster they come in.

The USSR on average can attack the Germans in 1943 winter (Jan-March) But they must keep 8 units on the border to advance their activation toward the axis. If they dont it drops fast. The Germans have to keep 4 units on the border otherwise the Russians start activating faster.

I have NEI and US oil to Japan. I have China in the game. I give the option of the UK to DOW on Japan early. USSR vs Japan I have to make it work like Nup did with Siberia as a seperate country. I got 1 nation left, wheh.

I tried to make the game as well as I could considering my 25 years experience playing wargames and my 15 years experience playing World in Flames.


CV= 3 large carriers (300 planes) or a mix of 2 large 2-3 small carriers

BB=3 BBs (2 for Yamato/Musashi)

CA=5 CAs

DD= 50 DD/DE

SS= 50 SS

A/C= 600 planes mostly of the type specified

Corp=3 divisions (5 for italians and Russians)

Army=5 divisions (8 for italians and 10 for Russians)

Tank= 3 divisions (2 armor, 1 motorized)

Mech= 3 divisions (3 motorized/mech or light armor + motorized)

Tank Destroyer= 3 divisions (usually 2 inf, variety of non-turreted batallions)

Rockets/Kamakazi = just as such

Engineers= same 3 divs

paratroopers= same 3 divs

Should be out near end of week.


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Sounds pretty neat Al. So you, as the Allied player, using a forward deployment of units, can slowly ratchet up the entry readiness of the Russians?

That's very interesting...I like that approach. Gives the USSR an incentive for forward deployment if the Axis are stalling and also simulates the historical orientation of forces.

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Hmmmm, kind of makes me wonder. What if the UK/USA maxed their diplomatic pressure on the Soviets and you scripted a faster entry coupled with a greater than 8 deployment forward, how quickly would the best case entry scenario for USSR develop?

Imagine a reversal of what actually happened with the Western Allies clamoring for Soviet entry the way the Reds did for that second front.

You might also catalyze a Soviet decision to belay research in order to purchase more low tech units for the forward deployment. It might all end up with an historical unfolding.

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