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Bradley malfunction?


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Hi Rik,

What level of difficulty are you playing at? Are you sure the Bradley you are trying to target with, can actually see the enemy unit himself? Click on the enemy unit's icon and see if the bradley icon is dim or is bright. If it is bright then that means the bradley has a spot to the enemy, if not, then it means another unit has spotted the enemy but the bradley hasn't yet. In that case you should get the brad to face the enemy and wait for it to spot, by using the face command or by using a target arc. Other possibilities could be that the enemy is in reverse slope, and then you would get a textual indication floating on top of the tip of the target line.

If you are still having trouble, try posting a screenshot of the actual target line floating above the enemy unit or maybe a save file.


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Or whatever the "easiest" level is called. I will need to try the thing you mentioned about clicking on the enemy icon and seeing if the Bradley is "bright." What I was just going by is the following. I clicked, for example, on a scout squad, gave a T target command and clicked on an enemy icon. The "distance" to the enemy shows up and "sticks". By that I mean, if I go back and again click on my scout the line to the enemy shows up with the distance. In the case of the Bradley, the target shows just like with the scout but the "distance" will not "stick." If I do an "area fire" just in front of the enemy then I get the stick. Thanks for the suggestion I will try checking it out.

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