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LoS tool and select multi-units question?

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Just wondering, in case I missed it either in the manual or in these boards.

1. Is there still no Line of Sight tool in CMSF/Marines? And if not, why not?

2. Can you select more then one unit, ie: I'd like to select a platoon of MBT's and issue one order "hunt" towards an objective, and have them all move out together in formation. Is that a no-go?

3. What is it with hull down positions, I used the "hunt" command for some of my MBT's and my IFV to move up and cover a section, while the infantry moved in... I looked down at ground level, and ALL of the vehicles were well below the hull down position, not covering anything. My squad of infantry got killed because of no cover vehicles... is there away to get them up properly for infantry support?

One thing I would like, but understand that this is an RTS not a "shooter" and ain't going to happen, but when locked on a unit, like a IFV, being able to move that vehicle either up, down, left, or right with the arrow keys or something. Just to make sure they are in the proper position.


Thx for any tac advise.

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2. Yes. Either hold down "Shift" and click on the individual units, or, if you want a whole platoon to move, you can simply double-click on any unit in that platoon. Be wary of doing this with mechanized infantry, though--it selects the vehicles AND infantry.

3. You just need to go down to ground level and see if they are covering anything. Vehicles don't automatically seek out hull-down positions; you need to make sure of them yourself.

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1) The TARGET tool will do what you want.

3) Use TAB to lock to a vehicle/team at level one. Advance along the ground to the crest you want to use and place a waypoint right at the spot which lets you just peek over the obstacle. You can then use that waypoint as a reference to place other forces nearby. More often than not, this provides a partial hull-down position. Now that color swatches show where the objects will line up with action spots, this is even easier than before.


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I just started playing again the CMSF-series since Marines module(and to be honest havent stopped playing since then for some little breaks for work and stuff).

I now got deeper into the game and am fiddling around with my options. I found out about the ability to issue multiple commands at one waypoint aslong as they are not in the same category(ie movement/combat/special). This also gives me the option to issue a movethere-command and then use the target-tool at that spot to check my LOS from there? Is this correct or am i missing something?

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Yes you can check the LOS at the waypoint using TARGET/TARGET LIGHT to see if you will have LOS from that waypoint location.

Read the tutorial Pop-n-Drop the link is at the bottom of my sig line Along with several others. Shoot-n-Scoot has been updated to include SMAW/Javelin ammo conservation

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