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What does "Winchester" mean ?


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Playing a scenario with Close Air Support I thought heard the pilot say " I am going winchester"... What does that mean?

Also what does "Guns Dry" mean?... no ammo ?

It would be nice if someone can post the meanings of the different military (particularly Air force) jargon. Being an old sea dog I need help to communicate with the Air Force.

Love the new audio but will love it even more when I can understand what they say.

Please help...Anybody

Thanks, Wilco and Out

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These should help, at least somewhat. "Winchester," depending on usage, can be out of all ordnance or out of a specific type of ordnance. See example at second link.



No "Winchester" here, but lots of other good pilot jargon



John Kettler

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Indeed it would be nice if someone posts a list of all the things being said over the newly introduced radio net in CMSF and its meaning, especially for CAS.

The only thing I can make out and make some sense of is when they say "something something ... 30 seconds". Just by pure deduction I figured out that they mean to say that they're 30sec away from releasing the ordinance... that's about it :P

Arty stuff is a little simpler to make out, but a comprehensive list would still be nice.

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Yes, Winchester means the pilot is down to his guns only. If the term is used together with a specific weapon mentioned, then it can possibly mean he's out of a particular weapon (as in, "Winchester on rockets", and similar types of phrases). Guns dry would mean he's out gun ammo, as well (time to return to base for a reload). :)

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Good questions, here's what I can remember and what I think it means:


Shot: Arty spotting round being fired?

Flash: Arty spotting round incoming

Fire For Effect: Carry out selected fire mission


30 secs: Closing in

Cleared Hot: BOMBS AWAY ;) (Proceed to release ordnance)

Guns dry: going home

Winchester (cant remember that one though): going home #2

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