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How many AAVs to a company?

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In the documentary on the Battle of An-Nasiriyah I posted a link to recently, it said Charlie Co. drove through "Ambush Alley" in 11 AAVs.

I tried to replicate this in CM:SF Marines and 11 seems way too many for a single company. Most AAVs were barely half full at this ratio.

In another test I managed to cram a company into just 7 AAVs, and even then I had several seats to spare.

So my question is, how many AAVs should be used to transport a Marines Co.?

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Yes, I have read that book. As you say, excellent account of the An-Nasiriyah battle. As I was watching the documentaries I linked to about An-Nasiriyah in a previous post I noticed a lot of similar details between the documentaries and the book, such as an AAV running down RPG-toting gunmen as they were reloading etc.

The book mentions 11 or 12 AAVs per company in several places but I couldn't believe that was right given that they would all be virtually half empty but as the Field Marshal indicates it would appear this is quite normal. Seems like a hell of a waste of space!

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Remember that a platoon of AAVs is 13 vehicles. What you don't see in the game is all the crap that gets shoved into a combat loaded vehicle. Rations, spare equipment, ammo, mission essencial equipment, and just plain random stuff. Even if you strap your ruck to the outside the inside is still filled with duffle bags and extra rucks full of poggy bait and extra socks. Makes filling a vehicle to even half capacity rather cramped.

Remember that the official capacity of any military vehicle is "one more."

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I have actually had the privilege of taking a ride in both (AAV, M-2) vehicles. I will tell you that the AAV in comparison is a cadillac escalade minus the amenities of course, and the M-2 is a ford fiesta. However if I had to take one into battle, i'll jam my butt into the m-2 and away we go.

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