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Marines + French paradox version CMSF


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I would like to buy the Marines module but I would like to know if it work well with my Paradox French version.

When I try my CMSF 1.08 in English I loose all the mission not in English!!!!

Must I put CMSF in English to have Marine's module or can I let it in French?(is there no problem in French....old 1.08 mission stay in 1.08 and only marines is in 1.10?)

Because I would like to play ALL the modules in 1.10.

And can you mail the CD in France?


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Yes, of course we also mail out games to France (and pretty much all over the world). We're shipping out of Germany to European customers (and out of our base in Vermont to everyone else).

Marines works with any version of CMSF, including any language version. The game is localized, but the mission briefings etc. are not. You can keep the game in French and play, as the English Marines missions are automatically copied into your french directory. We do plan to localize and release the missions in French, German etc. at some later point.


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