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Stalingrad Battles

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Hey guys,

Can anyone recommend any other urban stalingrad battles to fight? I've played Pavlov's House, Hell on Earth, what if?, and To The Volga.

Also, the operation "To The Volga" How should I play it? There isn't a lot of info in the briefing, i.e.. Axis vs A.I, free to set up, etc.. and also the fact that one turn takes about 10 minutes to process until you start killing hordes of soviet troops

How about Operation Uranus battles?

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For Uranus, please see two scenario packs of mine at the Proving Grounds -

Operation Uranus scenario pack

Little Saturn scenario pack

The first covers the fight from the start of the Russian offensive through the closing of the Stalingrad pocket. The second covers the later offensive farther north that rolled up the whole German southern wing. Each is half a dozen fights give or take. Comments on them welcome of course.

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I have 100 Stalingrad scenarios listed:

5TA Alarm Along the Chir

5TA Rumanian Roundup

5TA Uranus

5TA v 1 Rumanian Panzer Division

5TA v 22nd Panzer Division

5TA v 24th Panzer Division

6th Army Probe B&T:SP

6th Army Probe B&T:SP

A million blood-drops HMP 03 -

A Morning Commute B&T:SP

A Valiant Stand

Antonescu Kaputt B&T:SP

Approach to Stalingrad

Assault in the Snow B&T:SP

Balck and the Bridgehead B&T:SP

Barrikady HSG ST1

Bricks and Bombs

Closing the Circle

Commissar's House

Cossacks! Alarm!

Courage is not enough CSDT

Courtyard of Death

Der Manstein kommt! B&T:SP

Der Pionier Kessel

Dzerhezinsky - QB Soviet Attack B&T:SP

Dzerhezinsky - QB Axis Attack B&T:SP

Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works

Eye of the Storm B&T:SP

Eye Tie Pocket LS3

Failure on the Aksai B&T:SP

Ferry Ticket of Volga

Ferry Ticket of Volga I

Fixed Bayonet

Glimmer of Valour B&T:SP

Grain Elevator

Heart of Stalingrad

Hell On Earth B&T:SP

Hollow Legion B&T:SP

Hourre Pobieda!

If Only

Into the Void B&T:SP

Kalach-na-Donu B&T:SP

Krasnopresnenskaya Street, Stalingrad

Krasny Octybr

Landser Holiday LS7

Last Stand of the 24th Tank Corps LS5

Little Stalingrad

Little Stalingrad PC6

Mamayev Kurgan, Stalingrad

My City of Ruins B&T:SP

No Goulash for Ivan

No Goulash for Ivan V2

No Goulash for Ivan V3

No Goulash For Ivan-TP

Not so quiet flows the Don LS1

Novorossisk - Ozereika

Nowhere Fast LS2

One Down, Two to Go

One Final Stab B&T:SP

Operation Hubertus

Our Backs to the Volga B&T:SP

PanzerBlitz Situation #42-4

PanzerBlitz Situation #JP23

Pavlov's House


Red storm at Blinov

Rubble -QB Allied Attack B&T:SP

Rubble -QB Axis Attack B&T:SP

Skulpturny Park

Small Town Magyar LS6

Stalingrad North -QB Allied Attack B&T:SP

Stalingrad North -QB Axis Attack B&T:SP

Stalingrad on the Danube.

Stalingrad Party Head Quarters

Stalingrad Station 1-i

Stalingrad the Moviescene

Stalingrad Tractor Factory

Stalingrad tutorial Human vs Tank HF

Stalingrad-Pt 1 City Outskirts

Stalingrad-Pt 1 City Outskirts

Streckers last stand

Streets of Stalingrad

Streets of Stalingrad 2

Tatsinskaya Airfield LS4

Tatsinskaya Raid B&T:SP

The Bitter End B&T:SP

The Central Ferry Landing, 23am Stalingrad

The Grain Elevator, Stalingrad

The Grain Elevator, Stalingrad

The Guards Counterattack SL 01 -

The Headquarters HSG ST2

The Heart of Stalingrad

The Library - 2P B&T:SP

The Library - AI B&T:SP

The Tractor Works SL 02 -

Tovarishch Mysh B&T:SP

Waltzing Matilda B&T:SP

What Might have Been B&T:SP

When Worlds Collide B&T:SP



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