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Newbie Question - Why are you liking it?


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I see the new Marine module getting great praise. I really haven't played the original game in a very long time so I have a question. Are you all liking the game because of all the fixes/enhancements that were corrected (which will be available in a patch for the original game) or the new material exclusively available with the module? So basically since another patch will be released for the original game shortly, what makes the new module worth purchasing?

Thanks for your help.

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The Marines are completely different play style for blue. They both allow and require infantry centered tactics. With U.S. army units your sole goal is to acquire LOS at the longest possible distance and shoot the Syrians to pieces, primarily with vehicle mounted weapons . With the Marines it is in many cases desirable to close up to a medium distance and let the actual infantry do most of the work. A Marine infantry platoon's firepower is close to double an Army one's with the exception of no Javelins, and that only matters against actual tanks. The marines have a number of other toys that kill APCs just FINE thank you.

A marine squad with an "assault" move order is a thing of beauty as it works its way down a trench line.

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