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Progress Report- will it be next week?

Paper Tiger

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The next step as far as you guys are concerned will be an email in your inbox (if you're a pre-order customer) that the game is available for download, followed a few hours or so later with the official Release news.

We know what the problem is and that you guys are busting your asses to solve that horrible installer problem and so we're just supposed to wait patiently now until that email arrives in our inbox. Yeah, that's fine if it's during the working week but we're now into Friday and we already know that you guys won't release it at a weekend. So, if it's not out later today, that means Monday minimum for us... Tuesday for me here in Indonesia. And, frankly, it seems like it's no sure thing that it will be this month anymore. So come on, it's Friday. Tell us if we're going to have to wait until next week...:eek:

Okay, I'm just horribly frustrated with this unending wait but I already know that once I finally have this module installed on my hard drive all will be forgoven and forgotten and I'll be as happy as a pig in s**t again.:D

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I hope that the lack of official word is because they are working their asses off in order to provide a nice weekend suprise today. From a subjective point of view, that is a bit of dissappointment for me, since I had whole week off and have to work on weekend.

It's the thought that counts though. It's better for them to have all the time they need in order to ensure maximum enjoyability from a fresh product.

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I'm eatin nuts (Hazelnuts ;)) right now... pressing F5 then a nut again... F5,Nut,F5,Nut...

Why there is no "refresh monkey" thread by now? Maybe that's the reason they don't release it?

If you're eating nuts it can only mean one thing: the end of the reign of the Refresh Monkeys! The Refresh Monkeys are dead! Long live their successors:

Long Live the Refresh Squirrels!!!!


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