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Help - Errors After Editing And Saving New SC2 Global Scenario

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I was thrilled to get the global scenario in the SC2 1.08 patch, and I wanted to tweak it a bit for me vs AI play. I used my SC2 editor (which shows as version 1.08), but after saving, when I re-opened the game two odd things happened: 1) Japan had turned into France, yet was still on the Axis side. 2) France had turned into Estonia, and was still on the Allied side. If there were any other changes I didn't notice.

Did I do something wrong? I've used the editor many times before to tweak scenarios and never had a problem. I've read that this scenario is incompatible in some ways with others in the game. Is there an updated editor that I should be using? Mine shows v 1.08 but is as old as my copy of SC2. If so, where can I get a newer one? Any other advice?

Many thanks in advance!

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if you import data that have some changes in nations distribution the data tha is import-ed will be making to compatible, this can change the major nations if the import data have different major nations distribution that these in your modded campaign, it only is a possibility, but can be the failure on it,

best regards,


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No need to update your Editor rather you just need to make a few small adjustments. Note this is only needed for Blitzkrieg as the newer releases don't have this issue with the Editor.

If you resaved the Global campaign as let's say 'Global Custom' then you need to navigate to the original 1939-46 WWII Global Conflict subfolder and copy the following files and folders, i.e. 'Campaigns\_1939-46 WWII Global Conflict':





Once you've copied these, navigate to your newly saved 'Global Custom' subfolder in the 'Campaigns' directory and paste these in there. After that reload your campaign and it should work as expected.

Hope this helps,


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