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Are buildings destructible?


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In CMx1 the buildings graphically showed no progressive damage. Or at least I'm pretty sure they didn't :D You just got ** and * markers which indicated progressive damage. With CMx2 the damage is finely tracked, with one intermediate graphical change before whatever it is that is damaged is considered destroyed.

IIRC some building damage stuff was tweaked for v1.10.


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I haven't played CMx1 in about 4 years, so your memories are probably a lot fresher than mine :D Plus, you guys only have to remember what the game turned out to be. My brain is fully clogged with all the things that had 26 iterations before going public plus all the myriad of things didn't get into the game at all.

Ah yes... we did add in a texture change, probably with CMBB?? However, the model itself didn't change and therefore the buildings weren't "deformable". We'd like to have a lot more deformation of building models in CMx2 than we do now, so over time I'm sure this area will be expanded from its current state.


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