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"Hunt" and ducks...


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Okay, I KNOW where the enemy's dug-in tank is. I've got a squad with 3 Javelins. Cool. I "Quick" 'em close to a ridgeline, then "Hunt" towards a prospective LOS. Cool again. It works. To a point.

They "Hunt" until they see the tank. Immediately, they drop to the ground. Ooops. Now they can't see the tank. Too late, now the "Hunt" command is erased. Tried a few times. No change in outcome. According to the icons, the tank they were hunting was the only enemy in LOS, and that was only once they stood up.

How about a tweak?

Oh, where's the v1.11 thread?



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You had the right idea DevilPup. I can think of roughly 2 options.

You can wait till the unit goes to a kneel position and then they will fire or you can be a little more aggressive (like a good Marine) and give them the SLOW once they have halted the HUNT. The infantry will stop SLOW once it sees the Tank and fires it's Javelin/SMAW.

If I have a contact <?> I usually HUNT to roughly where I think the Tank will be seen then I place an additional SLOW waypoint in case the HUNT doesn't make contact.

Example. Two <truncated> Assault teams are moving to the ridge that over looks an OpFor Tank. HUNT is the 1st waypoint and SLOW the 2nd leg.



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Example Cont.

The team on the right spots the Tank and drops to the ground, they will have to wait a bit before they will kneel (under TacAI ROE). The team on the left have the same waypoints but they didn’t spot the Tank during it’s HUNT. They do spot the Tank while they are moving SLOW and pop that tin can.



All this is WEGO

Hope that helps ya out.

Petition to have this moved to the Tac & Strat

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I would also add:

Quick -use "quick" to move the JAVELIN team (you may need to split down to a AT team before) a bit closer where it is in LOS and hopefully will engage the tank. Red AFVs are notoriously slow to spot Blue infantry units.

this is a bit more risky, but after months of using "Hunt" and "Assault", I now use almost exclusively "Quick" to move my troops around, but always in short bounds. If you pay attention to the terrain and move from cover to cover, it actually works quite well.

ps - Huntarr, I know you will lecture me that "cover" is a hat, but everyone else knows what I mean..;)

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Okay, what I want to see is the team on the right, solo.

The "Hunt" drops them in their tracks, so they never get to the "Slow".

So, please redo without the team on the left. Screenshots and motion will be expected for your next effort.


Yeah, I know HOW to get to the tank, but why doesn't HUNT let my guys, um, HUNT?



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Based on observed behavior, my personal interpretation of HUNT command is: "hunt" slowly with high awareness for a partial hull down position closest to the waypoint and stop. Stop sooner if contact is made. Defend if attacked when possible.

In my opinion, "hunt" is a complicated concept which doesn't have an intuitive interpretation to typical war gamers. This is opposed to the often assumed interpretation: Follow the way point(s) "hunting" for an enemy and attack if found.

For the purpose of coming up with ONE word to describe the screen command, I suppose Hunt is as close as you can get. For that reason, it's important for the gamer to learn what hunt means in the game rather than imposing their own understanding on the command and expecting the game to do that. My understanding may not be accurate or complete, but it describes what I expect the characters and vehicles to do when I give the command.


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The problem currently is that ole school CMx1 players interpret the current "HUNT" as the ole "HUNT" when in reality it is the ole "MOVE to CONTACT" command from CMx1...... See, clear as mud.


Now we all know that we want some of the old features from CMx1 but since we have to make due, let's work with the system not against it.

The team on the right will go to the kneeling position (after it drops to prone from seeing a big frickin tank) and engage the tank if spotted. If they are not able to spot from a kneeling position, remember that the enhanced LOS has different positions based on prone, kneeling, standing, and I believe 2 more for the vehicle heights. So you need to simply move the unit "a little bit" closer, I would use SLOW (crawling).

JonS, your safe from the "the Pit" since you "covered" your arse nicely2hdptfa.gif

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