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Decals and other indications of damage and battle

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With Combat Mission constantly striving forward (both gameplay wise and graphically [nice job on the new airbursts]), there are a few features that I don't want left behind.

Most importantly would be decals. Basically textures indicating where bullets (or high velocity projectiles) have hit objects. This would give indication to the intesity of a firefight or show knockout hits on vehicles (think TOW tank combat). It would be jaw dropping to look around at buildings shot up and vehicles with multiple holes in them. It would be an addition that shouldn't tax computers (TF2 can handle 4092 decals with out a drop in fps) but add so much to the immersiveness.

Secondly, it would be nice to see model damage to vehicles, other than catching fire. At the very least, could we at least get an alpha texture applied to tracks or wheels when they are blown or rendered useless? A little more complex, it would be nice to see things blown off of the vehicles (think TOW again). Skirts and wheels blown off, tracks thrown and unraveled, lights and sensitive equipment shattered or torn off. It was great when we found out the vehicles would be relatively unique, each tank having somethig slightly different from the other, but it would be just as nice to not see a bunch of KO'd vehicles burning the exact same way.

While it would be nice for this stuff to be in CMSF, I'm really looking at the WW2 module's for this. The combat is slower and it would really suck in the player. We were blindsided with the dynamic lighting update, so maybe something will hit use while we're looking the other way ;)

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What I would like to see is a little more variety in soldiers, instead of commanding clone platoons. Maybe like different sets of vests, sunglasses, knee pads, etc.

Yep what Red Rage said...the beauty of the new engine is that we can have multiple uniform, helmet, and web gear textures for all sides. Which should look really great with WWII units.

Check out my Syrian mods too, if you'd like lots of differences in the combatants and fighters.


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