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CMSF2 wish list


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Please tell me Predators and recon drones will make into the iteration of this game. Anyone who has been following what's going on in Pakistan will know a very successful strike was just completed with Predators. Also I remember hearing stories from Iraq about drones buzzing over their heads all night as they slept in the wadi's.

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Claymores for Blue side

Anti-Air assets for each side

Red air assets

On-map mortar sand-bag pits

Better implementation of engineers (mine plows/rollers, MICLIC,etc)

Concertina wire

Artillery smoke

Special Forces for Blue side

More building/flavor object variety

Add a wall with a door in it

HESCO barriers

Cherry-picking your forces for QBs

UAVs, UGVs, etc

Better/more variety soldier animation (climbing over walls, peeking around corners,etc)

Smoother running on my PC (right now I get about 10-15 FPS)

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"Based on" does not mean "Direct model of."

Buy anyway. . . Sorry; didn't mean to kill the mood. I learned some bad news this week regarding an old H.S. classmate and Iraq (I trust I need say no more), and I've been less up on the whole war as "Grand Adventure" thing lately. . .

Henceforth, I will consider myself lucky that the closest I loss I've had to suffer in this whole conflict is some guy I just played Hockey with for a few years, and never knew particularly well. Trivial compared to what many others have had to experience.

So anyway. . . to add my selection to the pile, I pick on-map mortars. Playing irregular red forces, I would really like to be able to set up on-map light mortars, pre-sighted on crossroads and the like (think TRPs from CMx1), and drop a stonk or two on the advancing enemy.



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