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New version of JSH mod (1.3.1) released!


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JSH mod for Theatre of War

Version 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 changes:

1. Pz-IVC skins now display properly.

2. Balkenkreuz markings on German tanks now display properly.

3. PaK-97/38 technical grouping corrected.

4. American 76mm ammo types and names corrected.

5. American 76mm AP round M79 added.

6. Penetration values of American and British guns corrected - recalculated to Soviet (more strict) standards to make them match penetration values of German and Soviet guns (in vanilla ToW Soviet data was used only for German and Soviet equipment while Allied data was used for Allied guns, thus giving them an advantage). Calculations are based on gun ballistics and Soviet firing range tests data.

7. Muzzle velocities of various armor-piercing ammo for 17pdr guns were corrected.

8. English tanks now have these main guns:

A30 Challenger I - 17_pdr_OQF_Mk_IV

Archer - 17_pdr_QFSA_Mk_II

Sherman IC - 17_pdr_OQF_Mk_IV

A34 Comet I - 77mm_OQF_Mk_II

Version 1.3

Units added

1. Pz-IIIE tank

2. Pz-IIIL tank with spare wheels and track links (replaces original model)

3. Pz-IIIL tank with Schurzen (additional thin armor sheets)

4. Pz-IVF1 tank with spare wheels and track links (replaces original model)

5. Pz-IVG tank

6. Pz-IVG tank with Schurzen (additional thin armor sheets)

7. SdKfz 251/8 C armored car

8. Jagdpanther tank destroyer (late model with compound gun)

9. StuG-40G self-propelled gun with spare wheels and track links (replaces original model)

10. StuG-40G Saukopfblende self-propelled gun with spare wheels and track links (replaces original model)

11. 15 cm sFH 18 howitzer

12. 7.5cm PaK 97/38 AT gun

13. Pzkpfw BT 742 ® tank

14. Pzkpfw T-27A 734 ® tank

15. Pzkpfw T-60/70 743® tank

16. 7,5cm F.K.97(p)

17. 3.7сm PaK 36(p)

18. SPW M3 (a) armored car

19. KV-1 tank with F-32 main gun

20. BT-7 tank with T-26 turret (replaces original model)

21. M-42 (45mm AT gun)

22. М-72 motorcycle

23. Matilda III CS lend-lease tank

24. Lee I lend-lease tank

25. FT-31 tank

Hotchkiss H35, Renault R35, Renault FT-17 tanks added to Polish forces.

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Unit changes

1. Front hull and turret armor of Pz-38(t) tank reduced to 25mm.

2. М3 lend-lease tank now has M2 main gun instead of M3.

3. M3 75mm gun diameter reduced.

4. Valentine and Matilda gun dimensions were reduced.

5. Passenger capacity of Sdkfz 251 is 10 men now.

6. KwK-30 tank gun clip now contains 10 rounds.

7. German vehicle names changed.

8. German tanks in Polish battles have Balkenkreuz markings.

9. Universal Carrier armor thickness increased.

10. Exterior fuel tanks on Т-34 mod.43 and Т-34-85 were removed.

New feature – Tank-borne infantry

Pz-IVF1, Pz-IVF2, Pz-IVG, StuG-IV, Т-34 mod. 41, Т-34 mod.43, Т-34-85, Т-34-57 now can transport soldiers on top (10 men maximum on German vehicles and 8 men maximum on Russian vehicles). Pzkpfw T-27A 734®, Pzkpfw T-60/70 734®, T-27 now can tow guns and carry up to 4 men (gun crew) on top.

New feature – New multiplayer mode “Meeting engagement”

Players in "Meeting engagement" multiplayer mode must capture and hold pre-defined area on the map, 'the zone'. To capture this area, send any unit to it - timer will start, showing time left before you win the mission. If enemy units enter this area as well, timer pauses. If player, who captured the area first, manages to wipe out or force to move outside the zone units of another player, timer resumes. In case if another player destroys units of first player or forces them to retreat from the zone timer is reset and begins it's countdown for the victor from the start. When timer reaches zero, player who held the zone is declared a winner.

Borders of the zone are defined in mission briefing and minimap. In addition, there is a special flag in the zone which changes it's color to color of the player who controls the zone in any given moment. If there are no units of any player in the zone, color of this flag is grey.

Unfortunately, because of multiplayer code implementation, placement of this flag is correct only for server player. Clients will see this flag in different place on the map, so they should use the minimap to determine zone location and it's borders.

New “Meeting engagement” type multiplayer missions for 2 players

1. «Meeting engagement (1939-40) (JSH)»

2. «Meeting engagement (1941-42) (JSH)»

3. «Meeting engagement (1943) (JSH)»

4. «Meeting engagement (1944-45) (JSH)»

5. «Meeting engagement (1946) (JSH)»

New multiplayer maps (used in “Meeting engagement” type multiplayer missions)

1. European_Hights_001

2. European_Hights_002

3. European_Hights_003

4. European_Hights_004

New single missions

1. «Trap for a Tiger» (Poland, 1945, Russian side).

Changes in original campaigns since 1.2.2 version of the mod


Mission 2

1 Pz-IIIE is available for purchase.

Mission 3

Player receives F.K.97(p) instead of PaK-38 for reinforcements.

Mission 4

Russians have KV-1 tanks (with F-32 guns).

Mission 5

1 captured BT-7 is available for purchase. PaK-35/36 were replaced by PaK-36(p).

Mission 6

1 Pz-IIIL with Schurzen, 1 Pz-IVG and 1 Pz-IVG with Schurzen are available for purchase.

Mission 7

2 sFH18 guns are available for purchase.

Mission 12

1 sFH18 gun is available for purchase. JagdPanthers were replaced by JagdPanthers (late).


Mission 5

Germans have captured BT-7.

Mission 7

3 45mm AT guns M-42 are available for purchase. It’s now possible to buy up to 7 AT guns.

Mission 8

45mm AT guns were replaced by 45mm AT guns M-42. Germans have Pz-IVG, Pz-IIIL and Pz-IIIL with Schurzen.

Mission 9

Germans have sFH18 guns instead of Pak-38 ones.


Mission 1

1 Renault FT-31 is available for purchase.

Mission 2

1 Renault FT-31 and 1 Renault FT-17 are available for purchase.

Mission 3

1 Renault FT-17 and 1 Hotchkiss H-35 available for purchase. Reinforcement 7TP was replaced by Renault R-35.

We would like to thank PG monster and Ivan Sliva for help in creating this mod and 1C employees for multiplayer maps.

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Yeah i had to restart my campains too red,the mod is great and allows alot more choice of units but im still perplexed by the fact that you are restricted by the number of slots allowed for troops and vehicles,sneaksie is there anyway to remedy this?

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Cheers for reply sneaksie,im for the 88mm as BAT502 mentioned as well,im also for as few other vehicles not seen like the priest 105 SP gun for the yanks as that was such an icon vehicle in my opinion,and with the russians having the IS2 and the germans the king tiger i was surprised that the english never got the centurion (yes they were available 2 wks before the end of the war) looking forward to having the time to mod this game anywho. :)

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Hey Sneaksie,

First of all thanks for this great mod. I really like it.

I just have one little problem:

I'm playing the German version of TOW (with über-patch of course) and it doesn't display the names of the new units. For example the Panzer IV F1 has no name, but just a questionmark where the name is supposed to be.

I guess this is because I have the German version. Do you know which file to edit to give them new units some names?

Regarts, Dendro.

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