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Game Freezes when their are Mines or IDEs

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I have been playing CMSF since the beginning and love this game. I have had very few problems. I have recently noticed when their are Mines or IDEs included in a scenario, The game freezes until I press ESC, then closes completely.

When I remove the IDE or Mines in the editor, it plays fine.

I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit. I have two ATI HD3870X2 with Crossfire X enabled. I have the latest 8.8 divers installed.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is their a workaround?

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It took me a while to figure out that it was the Mines and IDEs causing the problem. I first thought it was random or a corrupted scenario. I have always updated my drivers as soon as released. I had even bigger problems with earlier drivers, such as unprecise mouse clicks. Sorry, but I'm not sure exactly when it started to happen. I believe it is the drivers and not the game since no one else has had this problem.

I also have had to always have the ATI click option ON to play the game.

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this problem exists since long time and was brought up many many times here in the tech support section. it has to do with the ATI left click option.

so mark, if you got a nvidia card for example, you will "never" notice it.

the workaround is "ati left klick OFF" in the first turn where you can "click" the mines, you can save than and make "ati left klick ON" again.

i guess that doesnt work with ied´s as you can select em the whole battle, and as soon as you select em with ATI LK ON you will crash.

for me it doesnt crash as soon as it loads up, i have to select a mine or ied, than it goes down.

but that bug is an old hat, many threads about it in here.

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