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Crossing the Rubicon Scenario

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Here's my first scenario, Crossing the Rubicon.

A mid-size scenario depicting an attack of a MOUT team against a reservists unit defending a town, an abandonned military airport and a presidential palace.



Here's the briefing :

*Ennemy forces*

The bridge you have to secure is defended by a reservist unit of semi-mechanized infantery. Your forces will face some old static tanks and probably some BTR. The ennemy infantry is scattered in the town facing the brigde, it's made of reservists and militiamen with poor moral and outdated weapons. Your air strike on the military airport located north should have forced their troops based there to evacuate it. The presidential palace (south of the map) must shelter the HQ of the local ennemy forces. Our intelligence service evokes the possibility of the presence of ennemy artillery and/or armoured units in the mountains and wadis at the West of the town (off map).

*US forces*

You have the command of a MOUT unit. Five Abrahams and two F-16 should give you enough firepower to clean the other side of the river before crossing the bridge and prevent any ambush.


The town is dense and the historical center is formed by narrow streets. The weather will be clear, dry and hot.


Your mission is to establish a bridge-head behind the river by taking the main bridge, holding it and push back any counter-attack. In order to establish an impenetrable defense system, you must rush to the military airport and to the presidential summer palace after having secured the bridge. Those two infrastructures will allows you to watch the surroundings and dig your position.

First, you must clean the western side of the river in order to secure and cross safely the bridge. Then, move to the airport (North) and to the palace (South), avoiding the narrow and dangerous streets of the town, and set up a defense system to prevent any counter-attack. When those two areas are secured, and only if you have time and enough ammunition, you are allowed to enter the town and clean it, moving slowly from the East to the West.


1 : Take the bridge

2 : Take the military airport and the presidential summer palace

3 : Eventually, only if possible, clean the town from East to West.

PS: Sorry for my poor english... :rolleyes:

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Well I gave it a go and I managed a total victory! To be honest, I thought it was going to be a LOT harder. I only had one tank get imobilized and one Bradly too. 7 Kia, and 11 wounded. I pummeled the crap out of the enemy, and now that I look back, I think it was too easy. So much arty and air power. Man, and I didn't even use it all. When the T72s arrived they got shredded by the M1's, and TOWs. Not one got a hit on my guys. I wasn't sure what to do with all my units afterawhile. I only got the two vehicles immobilized because I was over the 2 hour limit and decided to get careless with them and zipped them around the city. I did have fun with it, and it last over the 2 hour limit.

PS - There's a traffic light in the river. :D

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