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Savegames allow the user to type in 45 characters to identify the savegame. Yet, the savegame menu only shows 38 characters. There is no way to see the missing seven characters.

I know, this seems minor. I have hundreds of savegames. I use them for several purposes, not least of which is to torment Steve. With all these savegames, frequently I reserve the last 3 characters for their unique identifier suffix: e.g., 001, 002, etc.

I would like to see, amongst previously mentioned savegame improvements, the ability to horizontally scroll for the last 7 characters.

I would also like to see the title of the selected savegame prior to loading it.

Perhaps a 45 character window with "LOAD: YES/NO" as the toggle would solve both issues. It would import the selected savegame from the savegame menu.



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