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Question on builds

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I am having somewhat of a problem with the whole issue of connected cities, since it has to be the capital of a major, this puts for example the UK at an unreasonable disadvantage, since say India, AUS or SAF or even Canada (until the US joins) will be disconnected. However, can minor units be built in their HOME country if they are connected to their own capital? I have a feeling the answer is No, which means scripting is the only way - which is unfortunate. I also don't think this is something that can be modded, right?

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Have you tried experimenting with setting a few Industrial centers? These act similar to capitals in that they are always in full supply even if cutoff from the capital and can be used to build units even if completely cutoff from the capital.

These can be set via the Country Data Dialog and by simply listing the cities you prefer under the Industrial Centers list for each country. For example, we have used this for the USSR to add cities like Sverdlovsk and Grozny etc to help prolong the fight on the Eastern Front should Moscow fall early and so on.

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