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New to this kind of game

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Just got Shock Force and im new to this kind of game play.Are thier any good training videos or mission were they tell you and show you how things work?

I think im going to like this SIM if i figure it out soon.I play flight sims EE2,Lockon and other game like Full Spectrum warrior,Ghost Recon 1 ,Graw 1,Rainbow six Raven Shield (all Rainbow Six games).

Just looking for some good trainning. Thanks

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Welcome aboard.

You've already started off in the right place. There are a number of good threads you should check out. Chainsaw's Assaulting fierce and agile is good. There are several in my sig line I might recommend. Start practicing for the Marine Module

Now get on my quarterdeck and gimme a hundred!2i74kqq.gif


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The best part of this game is the more time you sink into it learning its nuances, the better it gets. This is without a doubt the most realistic, thinking mans war game I have ever played. I have been playing since it came out and I still am not tired of it! Welcome to the community Chuckman!

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chuckman welcome!

You won't believe this, but as a player here from the start of CMSF I have learned quite a few new things from your thread!

Multi-order operations as discussed in the tutorials were a complete black hole for me! hah! I didn't even know it worked that way!

All I was doing was single order operations which make WEGO a bit of a pain...

Welcome man!

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The games on the cd are all very good and well thought out. For additional games made by players go to www.cmmods.com and you can get a number of excellent scenarios and campaigns from the community. The ones I like are:

Assault on precinct 13

King Copper Mines

Chechen War

There's dozens out there so just check it out and see what looks good to you. There's also quite a ot of mods to individualize the look of the game.


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I've bought this game recently too and liked it. But I've found a computer being not smart opponent and the main campaign (TF Thunder) wasn't big challenge. So I'd like to ask where I could find opponents to play PBEM CMSF? "Opponent Finder" forum here seems totally abandoned..

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Wheeee... i'm not new to the CM series, but this one... hurts :)

Took me 4 evenings to be able to get past the 1st campaign scenario without having too many losses (albeit, my only success was on my last try: version 1.8). I am now facing the 2nd mission ... starts with a large plain(sp?), strikers, infantry and no armor... i think i'll get back to you in a month or two when I'll finaly be able to succeed (there's hope!).

Though, it may not sound like it, but I am enjoying this immensely :)

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