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More VRAM could potentially help. The more units on screen, high-res graphics mods, etc. that you have the more that additional VRAM can help. With additional VRAM supposedly there would be less need to move texture data back-and-forth over the AGP bus. Instead many of these textures can be loaded into VRAM for the videocard to call up much more quickly. Also more VRAM allows for anti-aliasing effects at higher resolutions (depending on the method of anti-aliasing), etc. However I don't think you'll notice too much of an improvement between two cards with the same GPU/performance specs, but different amounts of memory (which, depending on the chip, may involve slower memory/memory-access in order to support more memory).

CMx2 will probably require and benefit from much more VRAM on the videocard.

If you're thinking of replacing your current videocard you may want to be careful and check the compatibility with your current motherboard and power supply (in terms of watts and amps for specific voltages). And depending on what your current processor power is, you may also want to avoid over-spending for some performance you may not quite see with some of the fastest cards (unless you intend to also upgrade your motherboard/CPU/memory shortly after).

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Thanks Schrullenhaft. I've actually got a bunch of horses under the hood (P4 3GHz 800 FSB w/1 Gig Kingston PC3200 DDR RAM). I recently switched to the Matrox G550 which is an outstanding card, but I was thinking the 32 meg VRAM would be plenty. However, my graphics on a large scenario have slowed to a crawl. On the smaller scenarios it's reasonable, but still not what it should be.

In any event, I'm seriously thinking of adding a new PC, and will have it built custom to what I need/want. So, it will be in the 3.4 GHz range (Intel) and I'll put in the high-end NVidia card. The old machine will be a backup for me (I'm a Nature Photographer whose gone digital, so a backup is a really good idea anyway).

Thanks for the help - that's good to know smile.gif .


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