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Missing "eyes" and "els"

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I am baffled.

The messages that appear on the battlefield regarding ranges, hit percentages, etc. (even the startup TIP at the beginning of a senario) are missing characters. "I" and "L", both upper and lower, are missing. In their place is a character that looks like a cross between a colon and semi-colon. Unit information in the lower left, the detail info pop-up window and others are all ok.

I have gone into MS Word and tested all the installed fonts and can find nothing wrong there. I have deleted the prefs file; re-installed. Nothing changes.

This is a new install on a Mac PowerPC, running OS 8.5, and CM has had no third-party modifications. The game appears to play normally, but it is certainly a distraction from an otherwise outstanding gift.

Hope you can help,


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The characters that are being used are bitmaps to my knowledge and not system fonts. One of the resource files for CM contains the bitmap for the text. I'm not sure why you're seeing this problem. What version of CM are you running ?

I'm not sure if a newer MacOS would make a difference here. You may want to upgrade your video drivers (assuming that they're ATI) and see if this helps. If you're using v. 1.1 of CM I'm not sure if OpenGL 1.2.1 may be appropriate for your video card and you may have to downgrade to an earlier version.

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