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Whores will be included in the module that has the Dutch.

There was actually a Dutch minister (of health, I believe) that suggested we send some prostitutes to our troops in Afghanistan, for health, morale and to safeguard the morals and goodwill of the locals by taking away the need to outsource sexual services. It was kicked around quite seriously and indeed it had quite a lot of merit. IIRC it was killed off because of how it would look. Delicious headlines about the Dutch army the world over, without a doubt.

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Why do they put Marines on Navy ships?

So the sailors have someone to dance with!! bahdumbum tss...... O.K. I'm gonna duck now.

... because Marines are a department of the Navy. They started guarding ships from other ship boarding marines and then slowly became an amphibious force. Nothing but respect, but I'm a Seabee. I still gotta say that Marines are just Seabees with walking chits.

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