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Command Delays' figures for CMAK 1.03

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hello all,

here are some figures I collected this afternoon about Command Delay in CMAK version 1.03.

Please note that, like the Russians in CMBB, US troops are suffering an experience penalty until March'43 which make them react as if they were one experience level below their actual.


NoHQ is a unit isolated, out of contact.

HQ suffix is an unit in contact with an HQ unit.

HQ+1 is the +1 Command bonus.

HQ+2 is the +2 Command bonus

HQ at the bottom of the list are the figures for the HQ units.

(20.4 Kb)


take care and have fun

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So no good to attach a HQ without any "extras" to any support?

What about a e.g. regular HQ + a green support?

Apart for targeting or/and for a Combat bonus, it seems it's best to keep support and HQ isolated from HQ without Command bonus, right.

I dod not mentioned it but neither the rank (being Section, Platoon, Cy, Bn HQ) nor the experience level of the HQ do change the delays.

For example, a green HMG team won't react faster even if commanded by an elite Company HQ.

On the other hand, an Elite sniper won't react slower if commanded by a conscript HQ.

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