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Kim, please read


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Hi kim2,

I know how much you like the Hermes, and that you seem to need it wherever you go. However, this dependance could become a big weakness that I and other players can exploit.

For instance, what happens if you run out of Hermes? Say the other players and I target them more, because we know how vital they are to you. What will you do then? In the Unexpected Reserves CTF round we had recently, you were moving on our flag with a Thor and a Hermes several times from the west bridge. oren_m and myself were guarding the flag, I facing you while oren_m flanked you. Together, we halted all efforts to grab our flag.

The point: Not every strategy revolves around a Hermes. oren_m and I didn't need it to keep our flag safe. There's a reason there are only 8 given per game: They're in that short supply because of their tech level, so use them well. One good idea that missinginreality is learning is to use the Hermes' cover to drop sensor jammers undetected. Then you have a corridor of jamming for your battlegroup to travel through, and you can extract the Hermes to be dropped later. If you're worried about being detected, use intervening terrain, and shoot any sensors you see. It only takes 1 burst of 20mm fire to do that, which is why sensors are often paired with sensor jammers.

Anyone else have anything to say about strategies not needing a Hermes?

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