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Computer keeps crashing

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Is anyone having lock up troubles?

Everytime I get into the game it locks up it might

take 3 turns or it can work for 20 turns but it always locks up have not been able to complete a game yet :>(

Last night I got kicked all the way out to my desktop! This is starting to suck!!

I have a

P3 750 Athon Duron

320 meg mem

OS= ME 4.90.3

DirectX= 8.1

Asylum gforce 4 Ti4200 with 128DDR memory

Iam running the latest Nvida drivers (41.09win9x)

I have plenty of harddrive space left (2.5 gig)

There is no pattern to when it locks it has happened when I was giving orders and also when the computer is thinking

I don't seem to have probloms with other programs

Iam bumming out the improvments on cmbb look great

Iam just hoping to play more then 10 turns at a time!!! :(

Thanks to anyone that can give me an idea of whats going on :confused:

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not that i think this will necessarily help your problem, but this ultimately turns into a process of elimination


have you considered falling back to older vid drivers like the 30.87's?

many, including myself, have encountered problems w/ CM using the newer drivers - most of the issues have been around disappearing menus, but it's still just another item to consider changing and see what happens

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excellent point - i've noticed on my dell machine, which is designed with some fairly serious heat solns, (one fan pulls air in from outside the case and blows it straight on the processor - another fan blows air into the rest of the case) that when i've been playing CM for awhile the machine definitely works a lot harder to deal with the heat

i can easily tell by just sticking my hand by where the air blows out from the case - fairly cool when in xp desktop - significantly hotter after an hour or so of CM

in the past i've had systems randomly lock up on me for no apparent reason with two different causes ultimatley diagnosed: heat was one issue,

IRQ conflicts was the other

in both cases i could of been doing just about anything or nothing and get a BSOD

in the case of the heat issue, it was vid card related - the heat sync/fan on the vid card was intermittently going off just before it finally died

[ January 05, 2003, 07:20 PM: Message edited by: easytarget ]

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what type of cooling is on the vid card?

is it just a heat sync?

or is it a heat sync and a fan?

and have you noticed the system being noticably hotter when it crashes?

perhaps compare how the air feels temp wise blowing out of the case when the system has been on for awhile but not running CM to the temp it feels like right at the point of it crashing while in CM

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You may want to run some looping benchmarks on your computer to see if those would lock it up too. PC Mark 2002 or 3D Mark 2001 are two programs you can try, though I'm not sure that they'll put the same load on your computer that CM can. You may want to try CPU Burn In for this since it may push the CPU to overheat, if that is the problem you're running into here.

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I've had my computer rebooting itself during odd times in CMBB. Has happened about 8 times now. In all but one instance, it rebooted exactly when I hit EXIT then YES in the confirmation dialog box. The last time it rebooted was after I was saving a PBEM move file. I got the Save As Dialog box, named the file, then hit OK. Immediate reboot, and the PBEM file got corrupted.

My computer is home-built, and I've stress-tested it for overclocking purposes (I am NOT currently overclocking anything, nor was it overclocked during any of the reboots). The most demanding App I've found is Unreal Tournament 2003, and it fails to lock up my computer after hours of looping. And that's with both the video card and Proc mildly overclocked.

At stock speeds, I've never experienced the problems I have with CMBB, so I'm forced to conclude that it has something to do with CMBB itself. I did notice that every time it rebooted, another application was running - either Phoenix (a mozilla-like browser) or IE 6. Otherwise I'm thinking it might be my power supply is flaking out on me.

Here's the specs:

Soyo Dragon+ motherboard

512mb PC2700@PC2100

Athlon XP1600 (1.4Ghz)

GeForce 4 4400 (Asus)

Soundblaster Live 5.1

300W power supply (AMD approved)

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