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Painting skins video tutorial

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Can you please upload file 4 again. Every link is broken or file is missing?


These video tutorials are meant to get you started in the art of painting skins.

The focus is on basic Photoshop techniques, although you can transfer the concepts to any image manipulation software that has similar capabilities.

There are many ways and styles that can be used to paint skins. I tried to concentrate on what I think are the most simple and efficient for the beginner.

The skins done for CM:SF are fabulous works, created by a few very talented artists. This tutorials will not make you become one of them right away. It will take a lot more learning and practice, not to mention talent. But hopefully it will put you on the right track.

Coming soon! (Being uploaded to the server)

Tutorial 1 - Introduction

Tutorial 2 - Creating a base texture

Tutorial 3 - Creating volume.

Tutorial 4 - Adding Drop Shadows (you need to unRAR this one)

Tutorial 5 - Adding some screws

Tutorial 6 - Some fast and easy effects

Tutorial 7 - Working with more complex shapes

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I have downloaded Tut07-complexshapes with no problem.

At the opening the AVI file works fine till 00:38 seconds then a warning about the file that can not be read (codec or other thing) is displayed as well as a black background.

It did the same on another laptop.

Do you have an alternative.

Tutorial 01 through 06is very instructive. "Bravo"

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these video's are great. though i think it will be a little while til i re-skin a whole vehicle...

totaly gone nut's on the idea of a video showing the changes on a pre-existing skin..

am wondering how you start??? do you just upload a pre-existing skin (so you have the shape of the vehicle) or do you have to re-draw it from scratch?? then texture it?

i must admit, i am a noob at this..

but any feed back would be brill, keep up the good work. :)

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Wow, long time I don´t come here, sorry.

I think MikeyD has a PDF tutorial on how to mod existing textures.

If you are just to change existing textures you definitely don´t need to do anything from scratch.

Find the texture in your exploded folder and load it on your favorite graphics program and start having fun! Then put it on your Z folder and see how it looks in the game.

Good luck and happy moding! :)

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"If you are just to change existing textures you definitely don´t need to do anything from scratch".

would the above apply to making a existing vehicle from camo to desert?

Sure thing. However from a flat color to camo is easier since you only apply the camou on top of it. From camou to flat color will take more work. Unless you have a clean template.

oh dam, webwing, would you know if MikeyD could post his pdf for download or could ya point us to his profile, that's if he's on here. please. would be great to get some source's to refer to.

all the best

You should start a thread in the Mod forum. There´s a lot of people that can help you with this. This thread is not the best place, since people will not look in here often.

MikeyD´s profile:



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Tomahawk...create a new thread in the mod forum and you'll get some good advice...most likely people won't see it in here.

Lots of uni modders around, Bird Strike and Normal Dude have extensive experience with this subject...so hopefully they'll see your thread.


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I am new to modding working with some textures.Specifically soldier models.

What arrangement on the texture flat do I need to place my files in so they will appear correctly on the 3d model.

Eagle eyed game dev student to the rescue!!!1one1!

The best way is to look at existing textures as BFC haven't put out template. This will give you a sense of "what goes where" (what parts of the texture deal with which part of the model).

The models have had "UV maps" made of em, best way to think of it is like the model being like a set of clothes and the UV map is like cutting the clothes so you can lay it out on the floor (or texture) with no cloth overlapping.

This turns a 3d object into a 2d "map" that can be used to apply texture, in this case we're just concerned with a "color map".

For example, UV map of a cube http://modetwo.net/darkmod/wiki/images/thumb/f/fe/Cube_Representative_UV_Unwrapping.png/800px-Cube_Representative_UV_Unwrapping.png

Now what BFC has is a set of wireframe templates. We however do not have those, but we have the templates they've doodled on (the textures in the game). You can the a look at the name of the texture (ie US helemet) and what's on it to get an idea of what corresponds to what.

In may cases I will put small dots of different colors on a texture and load it up in game to get an idea of what goes where on the model and if it's has any distortion/stretch.

Here's the MOLLE texture and my test dots for a recent project. I hope this will be an easier way of seeing how it works.






I hope that helps, please let me know if that wasn't clear.

Anyway to get at the textures included in the game to use as templates and make a working mod, you'll need to....

1. Open the .brz file containing the textures you need. These are found in your "combat mission shock force/data" folder. "Version 100.brz" Contains most of the US army, misc, and syrain textures. If you have the British or USMC expansions, you'll see .brzs with the respective labels.

2. Once you got a .brz you want to open, go to the "Combat Mission Shock Force\Mod Tools\RezExplode\input" folder and COPY the file into there. DON"T CUT OR DRAG, your game still needs it :D . Run the .exe in the "Combat Mission Shock Force\Mod Tools\RezExplode" folder. This is an unpaker for the game data files. End result will be in the "exploded" folder. Grab the .BMPs you need and draw your texture over em as mentioned above.

3. Once your ready to try something ingame, go to the "combat mission shock force/data" again. If there is not already a "Z" folder, create one. Make a new folder inside "Z" with the name of your mod (i.e. "Syrian Desert Camouflage")

4. Drop your textures in that folder, make sure the names have not been changed. The game will then load these tyextures instead of the orginals.

5. run game and you should see your textures if it worked.

I know that's a big chunk of text, I'll check back to see if you have any questions and I'm sure many other members can also help you :)

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