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PoorOldSpike in Portable Format

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PoorOldSpike is someone famous in the CM community. bow.gif

His great knowledge of the game mechanics, earned by testing CM in depth since long time, is pretty well known but what make him truly famous is his ability to share all that in a way which allow everyone, from the freshest newcomer to the oldest grognard, to understand and remember the information.

Now, one can also download the most instructive PoorOldSpike's threads in a convenient format, namely the .pdf, and so be able to easily read them offline. cool2.gif

Here are the urls:

(right click and "Save as...")

http://amb3940.be/pos/150mm Gun v.pdf 325 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/20 metres area.pdf 200 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Ampulomet.pdf 430 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Armour ratings.pdf 905 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/ARMOURED CARS.pdf 887 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Artillery.pdf 1 431 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Blast.pdf 922 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Blowing in the wind.pdf 190 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Bridge work.pdf 2 646 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Bunkers as obstacles.pdf 1 749 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Burning Tiles.pdf 1 303 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Cover story.pdf 2 231 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Crew quality affects hit chance.pdf 93 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Damaged guns.pdf 112 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Drive-by shooting.pdf 159 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Dust.pdf 1 888 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Facing up to it.pdf 97 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Factory Combat.pdf 11 122 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/FLAK VEHICLES.pdf 238 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Gun ratings.pdf 403 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Gun setup times.pdf 105 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/GUN-ARMED HALFTRACKS.pdf 397 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Hide.pdf 817 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Higher muzzle velocity.pdf 326 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Hot stuff.pdf 65 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Infantry against armour.pdf 334 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Light mortars.pdf 106 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/LOS blocking.pdf 72 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/MGs jam more in hot.pdf 44 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Rates of fire.pdf 109 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Shove it.pdf 92 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Smoke shells.pdf 809 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Snipers.pdf 494 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Spotting Anti-Tank Rifles.pdf 2 540 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Spotting Forts.pdf 73 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Tank Gunnery.pdf 517 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Tanks in scattered trees.pdf 450 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Transport.pdf 332 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/TRP.pdf 247 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Tungsten dislikes sloped armour.pdf 573 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Turning tanks.pdf 603 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Up to speed.pdf 280 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Who can cross what.pdf 68 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/Whoosh.pdf 240 KB

http://amb3940.be/pos/You eyeballin' me boy.pdf 94 KB

( Please note that "Cover Story" is a collection of cover related threads.)

And here are all the files above in a single zipped archive:

http://amb3940.be/PoorOldSpike_PDF.zip 35.7 Mb

By the way, here is a fast and light free PDF document viewer :

Foxit Reader for Windows

Happy reading! coffee.gif

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This would be the same Poor Old Spike that has been banned from here and many other sites around the Web?

Im curious.

1. Where did you find all of this stuff.

2. Do you have his permission to gather his work and spread it around.

3. Who are you? For someone who has seemingly just appeared, why gather the POS stuff, which leads me to....

4. Are you him again under yet another alias?

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Houch, i didn't knew that he have been banned, certainly because i'm new here.

With his permission, i compiled the informative threads he posted on the Wargaming Club forum, and i posted it here because i thought that it could help some players, i never intended to offend anyone or arouse any trouble.

By the way, if you are moderator, you see my IP and so can see that i'm not a PoorOldSpike's alias.

Any more question Sir?

Edit: do i have to delete my post?

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