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British Bulldogs problem tread

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I did have to, ahem, play some of the battles again and of those battles none were the same twice. I will give it a few weeks and do it all again, maybe this time with a handicap like limited Fireflys etc.

Some of the finer touches were nice like finding abandoned enemy equipment on the battlefield at startup that could be manned and used.

But most of all I liked that the maps were big, there were lots of units in play and everything was done on a grand scale and historically correct too.

Thanks for making it and I look forward to seeing more of your games soon.

I have played everything to death now and there is no choice left other than to get TOW2Kursk, should be good now that the game has been out for a while already and has received a few tweaks, the demo version was fantastic.



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This campaign is very deep and accurate.I am very impressed with all the realism.I am just having a lot of fun.My hat goes off to you gnasher.You put a ton of work into the history and the maps.I will enjoy this over and over again.Battlefront should take notice that we still enjoy the original TOW and they should still put out new maps and campaigns for this one,WE WILL PAY to continue to play the best wargame ever made.Thanks Gnasher for keeping a classic game (FUN).Some of us really appriciate it.

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I grabbed the ToW #1 Steam version as a bargain way to do some fighting in White Russia.

Having not tried the JSH mods past 1.2.x on the original Kalypso copy I had, I was pleasantly surprised to find that JSH 1.3.5 works perfectly on the Steam copy & having never got around to this masterwork - Bulldogs - I decided to give it a try.

Just finished the 1st battle & everything went along perfectly (Except my performance of course). :D

Just wanted to say how great it is to see a fan built campaign of this calibre. & I'm very pleased it works with the Steam release!

Made me wonder if one could import the maps & units into the ToW2 environment. If the mods req'd weren't too great it could be a fast way of generating an improved campaign with the newer software capabilities.

That said I shall be playing with this for quite a while on ToW#1. Thanks Gnasher. :cool:

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