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Battlefront Website Update Alert!


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As already mentioned earlier this month, Battlefront is going to update to an entirely new infrastructure system shortly. After months of preparations, D-Day is finally near!

Specifically, the final switch is planned to commence this week, Wednesday, June 25th, 2008.

What does this mean for you? Besides hopefully noticing a speed increase on our websites in general, the main visible changes will include a switch to our new web portal and game sections, and migration to an all new discussion forum system.

While most of the changes should not take long to activate, the internet being what it is, there could be some disruptions in service and accessibility ranging from a few hours to as much as a few days.

The current discussion forum will be "locked down" Wednesday while we're importing all user data and posts into the new system. This will take a full day, or possibly more, due to the sheer mass of data that needs to be migrated. The new forum will open once all the imports are finished. It will be permanently located at this new url: http://www.battlefront.com/community

Please be aware of this new location as any old links you might have to specific forums will no longer work.

During the migration, your Forum User accounts will be imported to the new board. There are two important things to note:

UBB forum (the old forum) allows users to have a visible Username (displayed in the forum) and a separate Login Name. This is not the case with vBulletin. Therefore, when you first log in to the new forum, you will need to do so with your UBB Username, not your UBB Login Name.

your forum password MAY change. Passwords are always stored in an encrypted format in our database for added privacy and security, and therefore may not be read correctly by the new forum. If you find that your password doesn't work, you will find a link in the new forum "Lost password?" to reset your password and have it emailed to you.

Please note also that the forum account will remain different (and independent) from your Customer Account username and password that you need to log into our store system.

After the new site opens, please be patient with us for a few days while we clean up any broken links, missing images, files etc. We've taken careful preparations in the past months to make this as painless as possible but this is a huge update for us, and the front-end that you see is only one small part of it.

Talking about links - if you have any saved links, many of them might not work once the update is complete, or they might redirect you to some generic placeholder pages we've prepared. If you saved a purchase confirmation email from the past few months, simply replace the leading http://www.battlefront-store.com:8080/ portion of the complete link with just http://www.battlefront.com/ and you will be able to click right through to your existing customer account. Remember, only change the first half of the full url, do not make any changes after :8080/.

The same is true for any news/RSS feeds you might have saved that lead to http://www.battlefront-store.com:8080/. Simply edit them to point to www.battlefront.com, and it should work.

Of course the easiest way to stay in touch is to use the Battlefront.com Browser Toolbar (http://battlefrontcom.ourtoolbar.com/). All links there are dynamically updated and always point to the right place!

Thank you for your understanding and patience as Battlefront undergoes this latest growth spurt!

The Battlefront.com Team

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