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CMBB: finally fog with Ati Radeon?

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Fog in CMBB hasn't changed from CMBO. Fog-tables are still used. ATI has decided (at this point so far) to only support 'vertex fog' in DirectX. From the screenshots I've seen (which are a couple of years old) fog-tables look much better than vertex fog.

Another difference may be which graphical API the game is written in. OpenGL is common for a lot of games and fog support under that API can be different for ATI drivers.

Maybe, someday, ATI will emulate fog-tables like the NVidia cards do. Most likely they won't at any point unfortunately. They are focused on other areas of driver development (FSAA, filtering, performance, etc.).

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Have you actually had that work ? All the times I've used it I've never seen fog. I believe it only makes entries into the registry, but the drivers never do anything (and I've enabled every type of fog setting in the tweaker).

I haven't tried the very latest drivers with the tweakers and the Radeon 8500, but I've assumed that the drivers still lack fog-table support.

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Thank you for your replies.

I found the Rage3D Tweaker and all i could get was so much fog, that nothing of battlefield was visible, due to a grey screen.

I also tried the ATI patch for another game (GTA III), but nothing changed.

I just downloaded the newest Catalyst v2.2 (9050) drivers.

I'll let you know, if they solve the problem.

BTW: the rage3d.com forums are full with topics about fog problems of the ATI chips.

Hope they will fix it, 'cause even my old TNT2ultra was able of showing fog.

Since i played Tom's Battle Of The Bulge mod with light fog, i know what we are missing :(

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