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I really love playing as uncons, and I really love campaigns. So I've started working on an uncon campaign, I realise there are a few issues (having no exit objective is proving to be one of them) but I have ideas to work around those.

So far I've completed the first battle, about half finished the second, and just started the third (I like to have several things on the go at once).

The campaign is based around the premise that a decorated Hezbollah militia leader (and some of his best 'fighters') is working with the Syrian army in the East, training them in unconventional warfare, when the invasion begins. I'm not planning on making it particularly realistic or even tactically challenging - just fun.

If anyone's interested in helping out with maps, battles, AI plans, storyline, or just wants to offer encouragment or suggestions, I'd really like to hear from them.

Alternatively if someone's already working on something like this and I've missed it, I'd be happy to help them out instead.

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Regarding exit zones, my 9 year old son discovered an ingenious way to simulate them.

I was playing "Paradise Road" and my son was watching me. In that scenario you have to reach an objective on the opposite side of the map and hold it. I was saying how it would be difficult to do this and he said, no dad, it's easy.

Intrigued I let him take over. To my great amusement he raced a vehicle to the objective on the other side of the map and then immediately hit "ceasefire". The game ended with a total US victory for occupying the objective!

So, if you want to simulate getting a single unit off the map edge, paint an exit zone on the map and tell the player to get the unit there and immediately ceasefire.

I know it sounds silly but I just had to relate this story to someone. From the mouths of babes, as they say! smile.gif

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At this point the game is mature all we need is loads and loads of missions and campaigns!

So your effort is very welcome!

Check this forum to see what others are doing or have done. Quite a few have done missions from a Red perspective and there is an upcoming campaign by PaperTiger which is Red x Red.

You'll see that doing missions and campaigns is very rewarding.

Good luck and most of all have fun while doing it which I'm sure you will definitely have!!!!! ;)



My friend, sometimes kids can see things that are in front of our eye but we are somehow blind to!!!! Awesome!


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Cool kid, man!


I'd like to make a request... if you make this thing, vary the missions the way the "real world uncons" do it. Sometimes they go all out with 150 guys and sometimes they only have a few. Sometimes a hit and run, sometimes they stay to fight. Just make each mission a bit different and it'll be kickass.

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Thanks for the advice.

I'm planning to have the full range of missions, which might seem a bit strange for uncons. But I think it fits OK if you have the right storyline. For example sometimes the Uncon force gets caught up in another battle, sometimes they have an intelligence gathering role while another battle is proceeding, etc. So you will get to see the whole Syrian TO&E as well as uncon only battles such as hit and run, convoy ambush, and at least one where they are cornered and have no choice but to fight.

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Originally posted by bardosy:

Bruce: if you need my help, I like to make one or two missions for your campaign. It's a very good story! Can I pick some idea and do it, or you have some plans for me? Please contacts with me in PM!

That's great! I want to have a fairly dynamic campaign and that requires more battles than a completely linear one, so the more help the better.

If it fits with what I've written above, I'll find somewhere for your battle. Otherwise I can send you a run down of what I have in mind for the first few battles. But I think the quality will be better if you do something that interests you.

I haven't decided exactly what the core campaign units will be, but so far I've been using a "fighter command" group, a "large fighter group" a "technical group" and a "transport group". At some point I'll add IEDs to this, but I may not make them part of the core units. Note that I have only been using small parts of these formations for each battle. The idea is that I will use different parts for different battles. This will partly be to simulate replenishment by recruiting fleeing fighters (EDIT: regulars), and partly to get around the fact that I expect heavy losses for the uncons in most battles. I've also made them start as veterans as they have seen action in and around lebanon.

Other than that I've been working on the basis of a US advance from near Al Hawl towards Palmyra (for no particular reason other than that the terrain gets quite interesting as you approach Palmyra), and using google earth as the main reference for maps. There will be a few battles based around Palmyra on the assumption that the uncon force is hiding in the hills and conducting harrassment operations from that base.

One final note is that I have in the back of my mind that I might want to eventually make the campaign playable from both sides (or have two slightly different versions that are playable from each side), so I have been trying to include some elements from a Stryker battalion in each battle.

Anyway keep me posted on what you are doing, and thanks again.

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rollingt: are you the same as Bruce? This is a second nick?

Can we talk about this privately? (You can write me e-mail, check my profile.)

Or is it OK to talk about techincal things in this topic?

If I can makd mission without core units, it's ok. But if I want use your core units, I need your core file to import it. (Please send me.)

I used Google map as reference too in my campaign, so we use same methods smile.gif That's great!

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Originally posted by missinginreality:

Happy to help with mapping mate.

The line of advance is (loosely) from South of Al Hawl to Palmyra. The area around Palmyra has very varied terrain, and quite a lot of battles will take place in that area.

Obviously a fair proportion of the battles will be ambushes and hit and run attacks. Also plenty of small urban battles. I like to have a particular real location in mind when I create a map, but I don't hesitate to alter or stretch reality if I think it will make a better scenario.

So if you have maps that you think would be suitable, or want to make some, they would be greatly appreciated - especially urban maps, I don't have the patience for them! smile.gif


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