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AAR - Armour Attacks! by Wiggum

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Here is my AAR, not much text cause my english is bad. But i hope the pictures are good.


Originally posted by George Mc:

Your mech battalion, part of TF2-72 has been configured into three combat teams. Team Hound Dog (2 M1 platoons and 2 BIFV), Team Heavymetal (3 M1 Platoons, 1 BIFV platoon and the engineers)). You are the commander (call sign "Timberwolf") of Team "Wolfpack" (mech heavy) which consists of one M1 tank platoon (Panzer 3), and three Bradley IFV platoons (Wolf 1 to 3).

You are the advance guard of the battalion, and are currently at your point of departure on the LD (Line of departure). Team Hound Dog are on your right flank, advancing in parallel, whilst Team Heavy Metal is trailing your team and constitutes the main body. The scout platoon are screening your left flank.

It is 0530Hrs. Elements from the scout platoon (2 Humvees and a BIFV), call sign "Hawkeye" are scouting just ahead of your advance guard. Five minutes ago you received a garbled report from "Hawkeye" the HQ of the scout platoon that they had made contact with enemy recon elements at GR908461. Then all radio contact was lost. Your XO has expressed concern that having lost the recon battle your unit's intel on the current situation is sparse.

Battalion has tasked you to advance to contact with the enemy mechanised units heading into this sector. On contact you are to develop the situation as you deem appropriate with a view to either destroying the enemy units, or fixing them to allow the battalion to manoeuvre around their flanks.

It is 0530Hrs. You have twenty minutes to prepare your FRAGO and brief your platoon leaders…

I started my advance on BEAR with my M1 Platoon.

Soon after getting in position on the Hill hostile armoured vehicle's are spotted:


On the way to the hill:


The firefight start:




The enemy tanks and BMP's are finished after a quick fight, now i have to reinforce my positions on the Hill (BEAR).

To be continued...

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