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Table of range and armor penetration values?

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Probably the most daunting task in any of the CM games is getting your knowledgde up to par about what specific weapons can do. In other words, what are the threats at what ranges to your given unit.

I would like to know if there already is some sort of table available in which you can cross-reference ranges of weapons and armor penetration tables of ammunition?

If not, is there such a project in development?

I would like to get my hands on a A4 sheet with this info. It would greatly help me in my planning and execution of missions and it would help very much in mission creation!

I am afraid though that I miss the knowledge to make such a sheet myself.

So, who chimes in? :D

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The short version is very simple. An Abrams from the front is very resistant, although not invulnerable to virtually every weapon in the game, Kornet and RPG 29 perhaps excepted. Abrams from the side is much more vulnerable. Every other armored vehicle can be killed by a single round from any tank main gun and all but the lowest quality anti tank weapons, at virtually any range.

Likelihood of scoring a hit in the first place is another discussion completely.

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Originally posted by Webwing:

If I understood this correctly Yskonyn is interested in something like:

What would a round from a T72 do to a Bradley armor, front, side and back at x meters. In game, not in real life.

Of course in this example you don't need to look into any data to figure the results. :D


Exactly that! ;)

That's why I would think BFC could make such a table quite easily. They're the devs, afterall.

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Steve has said several times that this game is very organic. By which he means that even in my example the T72 might not necessarily destroy the Bradley with one or even two hits. If the T72 hits the Bradley at all!!

They try to simulate not two robots but a real war environment.

The variables are many, the angle, if the tank and APC were moving, precisely what part of the armor was hit, the experience and moral of the gunner in the T72, if LOS was not totally obstructed, quality of the equipment, faulty ammunition, etc.

In theory it would be a sure kill but in real life it might not be the case. Same in the game. Pretty cool ha ?! :cool:

So, showing you a table that says that a T72 round can penetrate the armor of a Bradley at x meters might only lead to confusion because you would expect that to happen 100% of the time. This is not the case in real life and not the case in the game.

After you play a few missions though you start to understand pretty well what you need to kill what.

And you'll definitely have a lot of fun in the process! :D

But they might even release a table like that. Who am I to know! smile.gif

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True, about playing for some time and beginning to know what can kill what at what range, but a table as outlined previously would make that learning curve a fair bit less steep.

Even if you can't rely on it for a full 100% it will at least give you a decent idea about which unit stands a chance againt a given enemy.

It can also halp you make aware of threats to a given unit, etc, etc.

I would still like to get my hands on such a table.

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I think it would be possible to run some tests on something like this - flat ground, perfect visibility, etc. It would require two people of course: no REAL Bradley commander is going to sit tight to see what a T72 does to his side armor! But I don't see why we can't get a statistical analysis done, it would just take some time.

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