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Proper Armor Usage


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So, here's a question. I'm an infantryman. I know all the in's and out's of my job, but haven't the slightest clue as to the role of armor, other than direct fire support.

Seems I lose an unacceptable amount of armored assets every time I run CMSF. My groundpounders usually are primary with armor as direct fire support, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. The boots on ground make it, but the tankers usually live up to death before dismount.

Wondering if this wonderful community could help out and shed some light on the tactics of armor, for this here crunchie. At least, tactics relative to CMSF.

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I think your on the right track for the scale of the game, in most scenarios for shock force your armours main job will be to keep your infantry alive by providing close support.

Thing is "close support" should always be done at the max range possable. And beware the kornet (at-14) altho not a garunteed kill against an abrams, it is capable of a kill.

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I think the tanks in the game have very short spotting range, hence the problem

Try to use infantry/humvee to recon where enemy's AT assets are, drop arty on them while moving your tanks to get a good shot. Keep enemy's AT assets pinned by infantry fire or arty, so they dont destroy your armor

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I get a warm feeling when ever the scenario builder provides me a tank or two.

most of my heavy armor stays back to pound locations of the enemy to the ground and will inch up slowly behind the stryker and ground teams.

The stryker teams are used to lay cover fire and transport my infantry to locations where I stage my attack.

once the infantry has secured a rooftop. usually, its a this time where the bad guys open up hoping to kill a few of my men. Of course giving way their postions.

the tanks and strykers go into action.

I continue to do this over and over again until i reach my objective. unfortunatly my system is time consuming. The two hour limit is not enough for me. thats what i do. hope this helps.

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Right-o. My armor assets usually just end up getting in the way, by that I mean getting smoked, and my infantry do all the work.

By the way...not a big fan of strykers. I like the good ole bradley. Stryker seems to be made of wood, cuase mine are always burning. Ha.

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