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MOUT example using micromanagement

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Whilst waiting for CM:SF v1.04 I thought I'd experiment with some MOUT tactics using an urban map I've been working on. I was quite pleased with my results and have learned some lessons that others might find useful.

Screenshot 1: My MOUT-configured Stryker squad has just come under fire from the flats to the south. CM:SF places "teams" on action spots rather than whole squads, although sometimes two or more teams can end up on the same action spot if there isn't much space. In this example, by chance, one team of the squad was by a high wall and is therefore in cover, but the other two are in the middle of a road. My first task then, is to split the squad into teams and move the teams on the road to the cover of the wall.

First of all, I split the squad into it's 3 separate teams. Selecting one on the road, you can see that it is in LOS of the sniper in the flats. The teams on the road need to get to the cover of the wall fast!


Screenshot 2: I've selected the teams on the road and ordered them to take cover behind the wall.


Screenshot 3: Great, now everyone is safely behind the wall. By the way, you can see that because I moved both teams on the road to the same action spot, they have now merged into a larger grouping of 6. Internally they are still 2 teams but CM:SF now treats them as all together. The next thing I need to do is deal with that sniper!


Screenshot 4: To deal with the sniper I need to get my men to the cover of the corner where they can lay down fire on the flats. However, if I move the big group of 6, some are inevitably going to spill over into the road. I therefore choose to move the smaller group of 3 to the corner, making sure to give them a Face command to face the flats when they get there.


Screenshot 5: Good, now my small team of 3 is at the corner and able to draw a LOS to the sniper, whilst the rest of the squad is safely behind the wall. You can even see one of the guys at the corner cowering under the sniper fire. No-one has strayed out into the open to be shot thanks to me carefully controlling the number of men I expose to enemy fire.


Screenshot 6: Time for a bit of fire and manoeuvre! My 3-man team at the corner start to return fire on the sniper whilst the larger group of 6 are ordered to dash across the street using a Fast command. My intension is to get them to the building where they can then cover the 3-man team at the corner as they reposition.


Screenshot 7: With the larger group now in the building with LOS to the flats, it's time for the 3-man team at the corner to take their chances and cross the street, hopefully covered by the rest of the squad.


That's all for now. I hope I've shown some of you how it is possible to get your squads to behave with some semblance of tactical finesse even under CM:SF 1.03 - albeit with some micromanagement!

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Originally posted by Chelco:

I don't know if you are making fun of me or if you are genuinely asking a question.

I will refrain to answer your question for the time being.

All the best,

I was being sarcastic, - for which I apologise.

Fireteams may do the fighting, but they can only be effective under platoon and company control. 28 fireteams all doing their own thing will just die one by one.

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I totally agree with you regarding C2.

In my original post I was actually writing about how urban terrain imposes a tough challenge for the squad leader when it comes to directing fires. In that regard, fireteams are a better choice than the whole squad both in real life and in the game.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


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Just checking, if you had the pictures still. Was interesting in reading the article. Haven't played since 1.04, and trying to brush up on some tactics before I tackle 1.07


Odd. When I posted this, only 3 pictures were up, rest were acting like they were removed from the webhost.

[ March 18, 2008, 12:56 PM: Message edited by: OG_Gleep ]

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Thanks for your comments. The pictures are hosted on "Mediafire" so they sometimes won't show up if the hosting service is busy.

I've heard comments that this level of micromanagement is impossible for anything above a platoon level action. In response: the ability to pause the game at any moment gives plenty of opportunities to check the positioning of fireteams within each controlled squad and to make adjustments if necessary. Also, since the later patched, squads seem to control the positioning of their own fireteams a lot better anyway. In addition, lots of scenarios feature a sizeable number of vehicles along with the infantry, so there are usually not that many squads to manage.

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