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Ash Shammas - Airport - Elite real Time -

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I played my 1st campaign Veteran real time and found that mission quite difficult scoring a major defeat, while getting trough the central gate. Reading some advices, I have done it again getting in through an MGS's blasted wall at the barracks, the central gate and the airport tower. That resulted in a Total Defeat.

That mission being with the screen the one, I have found the most difficult to me and not wanting to stay on such a bad ending, I went back to work at it playing Elite that time.

I got a Tactical defeat. I tried it once more.I went both time through a blasted wall with the MGS at the right of the gate (1st Platoon)and at the barracks far end (2nd platoon).

I had to fight on the left and the right, while the 3rd platoon was kept as a mobile reserve.

When I finally got the Airbase HQ building, I move an HQ on top and a Fire observer and used the mortars and Apaches to suppress the enemies at the barracks and near the SF compound. Then the 2nd platoon got through the wall with an MGS in support and seized the barracks. With 17 minutes left before reaching the T.L.R, I moved the 3 rd platoon to the barracks following the 2nd platoon path and had it attack the first building on the right on the road leading to the SF compound. I got a stryker and its squad destroyed as well as an MGS, presumably, with an RPG 29 shot(as I discovered it on viewing the field at the end of the game). The place is full of them, no wonder they are able to pick their target from a certain distance. That time , I got a draw and 3 tracks destroyed 19 KIA, 23 WIA againts 86 KIA, 64 WIA, and 26 vehicules for the syrians.

I think that in real time the difficulty is to fight 2 battles at the same time or with a slight delay, to wait for the air and art assets to do their destruction or suppression work and fight against the clock. The SF compound beside a severe pounding seems to have more fighters left than we can handle in such a short time.

Have you found out, playing it real time either veteran or elite (the assets are longer to go in action in elite) a better way to score without cheating and ending with no casualties at all while destroying everything with air and arts (which by the way, I have not noticed) with your tracks idling at the edge of Ash Shammas, as I dreamed of it ?

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Finally I won the battle yesterday(elite RT)with 5 KIA 13WIA and syrian surrendered,I think this is a real difficult task because the US lack of arty and tank support

my plan was that use two platoons to attack the airport though the taxi way(met a big IED :( ),clear the control tower for the FO and JTAC,use 120 mortars,Apaches,Javelins to destroy those buildings that full of syrian force(special force HQ etc.),then advance step by step(Don't get your strykers too close to those RPG-29teams),then secure the special force HQ,meanwhile attack the airport HQ with one platoon and MGS,the last step is attack the 2nd barrack from the rear then eliminate those soldiers in the 1st barrack

What a fierce battle,I really don't want to try it again~ redface.gif

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Originally posted by Erwin.Rommel:

[QB] Finally I won the battle yesterday(elite RT)

Well, your victory comfort me in trying again. That time, I shall follow your plan going through the runway and to the tower.

I had discovered the IED has you did,resulting with a track being damaged and the squad shaken.

I agree, the mortar asset is less than what we need to blast the SF building properly.

The tower spot for the observer and JTAC should be the best.

Better anyway, than from the airport HQ and faster to get up to it.

I recall, however, having a squad going up and having losses on the way up.

Let you know of the ending soon.

Thanks again for the advice

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I won this one on Veteran, but I haven't tried it on Elite yet.

I kept my force together in one group, going in from the end of the runway. I placed the artillery and air support spotters, plus the sniper in the Air Control tower. Then I crept all my armored vehicles across the open area towards the SFHQ very slowly. Targets would pop up one at a time, and I was able to concentrate a ton of firepower on them individually and take them out pretty quickly. I used short mortar strikes to suppress anything I couldn't destroy or rout.

I used two platoons to seize all the buildings on two sides of the SFHQ, and then the third platoon assaulted the building itself and secured it. I had Apaches available by that point, so I used them to suppress the area between the SFHQ and the Barracks, and then I basically hopscotched (also known as bounding overwatch) my platoons from building to building up to the Barracks, with my Strykers tagging along pretty closely for fire support.

I captured the barracks but then ran out of time before I could make any headway on the Airbase HQ. I lost a total of three armored vehicles (two mobile guns and one APC) and some of my squads were cut up pretty bad, but overall losses were pretty light. One lesson I learned the hard way was the importance of having my infantry clear a building completely before allowing my vehicles to pass it by. I lost two vehicles when an enemy unit I missed on the rear of a building planted an RPG up their backside.

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