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Targeting Question

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Let's say I want my unit to fire on a target that is visible. When that unit is hidden from view, my unit will stop firing. Is there a way to have my unit continue to suppress the area even after the unit is not in view ? I don't recall being able to do this in the earlier CM games either, but is it possible now ?

For instance, if I KNOW the little bastards are still in the trench, how do I get my guys to keep shooting at the area automatically ?

Maybe I'm just being lazy in this new Real Time world.

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Wasn't this an issue with CMx1 as well?

The bottom line is that you have to be careful when assigning specific targets to any unit because they tend to get "tunnel vision" and fire at it regardless of other threats.

I guess the ideal situation would be to have two units - one suppressing with area fire and the other in overwatch with a cover arc. Of course, you don't always have two units to spare...

It's true that the TacAI seems to need some tweaking for threat assessment (and I'm confident that, given time, it'll get it).

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