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Difference between Knocked Out and Destroyed ?

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Does anyone knows what is the difference between a Knocked Out vehicle and one that is Destroyed ? From my experience I don't see any difference between both status.

However I have found in most cases that US vehicles tend to be Knocked Out whereas Syrian vehicles tend to be Detroyed. Any ideas why ?

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Since nobody has answered you yet, I'll harbor an educated guess, based on outside experience as I've only played the demo. My assumption from the demo is that there really isn't much difference, other than the possibility that in the case of "knocked out" a crew with some M4s is around to take potshots at you, as opposed to "destroyed" where the crew "brewed" up with the destruction of the tank. My guess is it's just a game nuance, but perhaps in the campaign (where somebody else's reply would matter more than mine) the vehicle can be recovered for further use or (more likely)there is a smaller point deduction to replicate the reuse and not total lose of material for that vehicle. Hope this is helpful, someone will be along shortly to tell you for certain. I'm sooo... on the fence about buying this, so many things I want, yet the demo remains very enjoyable. ---> resuming my lurking...


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Knocked out vs destroyed - at least in earlier CM games - was the difference between salvageable and not. Practically it was the same thing, unless you were playing in an Operation, in which case a knocked out vehicle MIGHT come back.

Since CMx2 doesn't have Operations like those in CMx1 I don't see them being different right now. Perhaps it matters for the future (or maybe in campaigns?)

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