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game crash

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When I try to run the game, it crashes and I get a windows (+- 10x5cm) message:

"CM Shock Force.exe has encountered a problem ans needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in the middle of something....

...Please tell Microsoft about this problem...

.... Send report Don't send"

The game is obviously licensed, the computer is brand new (dual core 3.6 RAM 2 gb video card ATI RX 1550). I never get error messages previewed in FAQ, only this one. It also happens with CMBB ( that ran for 2 days untill crashed) and T-72 Balkans on fire.

Worse of all! The same error i had in my old Dell 1.6 machine, that prevented me of ever using a full Battlefront game because demos NEVER crash!!!

I start to think that must be a program I use, but which one? How to discover that?

Did anybody ever had this trouble? :confused:

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