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Who are you, you lucky dogs?

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Who can run Allah's Fist at above 30 fps best/best settings,looking from the starting point out towards point Charlie?

Please, what system are you running:


graphics card,


Operating system

amount of ram.

I am really, really, not trying to start an argument, despite my posts from the past. I am just trying to see if 30fps best/best is attainable in this scenario, and what hardware can do it. I have a back up PC, and other various components, so that if I can just buy a different graphics card, or a new OS for this alternate PC I will do so because I think it will be awhile before the 8800 issue (which is the soul of my primary PC) is fixed. But I need to know the secret mix of hardware that gives these optimal results.

And once again, ONLY if you are getting 30 fps consistently (ok it can drop to 25 once in awhile during heavy action) at best texture and best model settings looking out across the landscape in Allah's Fist. Thanks for your help!

ps- my backup is an:

AMD 64 4000 @2.9 ghz

A8n SLI Deluxe MB

2 gig ddr 400

6800 gt (or) 8800 GTS 320mb

XP sp2 (though I am thinking of unleashing vista on this poor unsuspecting machine)

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Originally posted by peleprodigy:

And once again, ONLY if you are getting 30 fps consistently (ok it can drop to 25 once in awhile during heavy action) at best texture and best model settings looking out across the landscape in Allah's Fist. Thanks for your help!

You will need a 7950gx2 or better 2 of them configured as quad-SLI. These sandwich cards can handle this stunt. Everything else can´t. I´m pretty sure you wont find a single Geforce 8800 user who can get this performance in Allah´s fist at best settings.


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I posted this response to the cross posted one in the main Forum:

There are probably a half dozen threads with this information already. I can give you a quick answer though...

There is no common thread to detect. The problem with the nVidia cards appears to be an interaction with some hardware component that is not easily identifiable. For example, motherboard make/model, some sub component on it, etc. We've been over this so many times already that this appears to be the only logical answer.

For a fairly modern system with an nVidia card, the framerate should be better than 30fps in general. Even for the bigger scenarios, though perhaps with one bump down in details. But until nVidia fixes the problems we doubt we can fundamentally work around the prolblems 8800 users are experiencing. There is only so much we can do when the platform we're developing for is, basically, defective.

Don't feel bad though, ATI sucks too We just did a speed optimization that used standard OpenGL calls. Charles coded the optimization into the game and we all went to test it. nVidia testers were overjoyed, ATI users saw their performance drop by 100 times. That's right... from 30fps to 0.3fps. So after Charles got done banging his head against a wall he came to find out that this OpenGL call that is "supported" by ATI is only supported in software rendering mode, so the card "kindly" switched the entire drawing routine into software render mode.

This is the kind of crap we have to deal with :(

As it turns out the work around to ATI's "supported" call was to waste a bunch of VRAM unnecessarily. So the speed improvement itself works, it just needlessly takes up more VRAM than it does on an nVidia card (which does support this call in hardware).


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No, we have not given up. The thing is that it's not like we have nothing else to do with our time. This problem affects some people, game bugs affect all. We have to keep that in mind. There MIGHT be something we can do to seamlessly work around the problem, but we have to figure out what it is first. We might not be able to even if we do figure it out.

For example, we figured out that ATI cards have a bug in them (3 in fact) relating to mouse clicks. It affects some people, doesn't affect others. We were able to work around the problem but the solution is not as good as what everybody else experiences. Unfortunately, that's all we can do. ATI has had all the information they need to fix this problem for almost a month now. Hopefully they'll actually fix it. Until then there isn't anything further we can do.


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