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strange Syrian Sagger behaviour.

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In the campaign, Route Lightning mission, I noticed unexplained explosions at the objective end, close to Grease obj. Thought it might be an unannounced artillery bombardment on suspected enemy positions even though the briefing says no artillery.

Eventually discovered it's the Syrians firing saggers into the dirt about 150 metres in front of them (!!). My troops are still at the near end, thousands of metres away!

Also, in this mission, the Syrian inf take virtually no offensive action against my assaulting inf.

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I've had about 60% hit rate with saclos AT-3b (3 teams firing a total of 12 missiles between them, but the crews were under some light counter fire from the M1's). It's fun watching them lazily weave around as the operator guides them in.

1 Team was vaporized by HEAT after firing 4 of 5 missiles, #2 lost the launcher after taking heavy coax fire, the 3rd survived after expending all 5 missiles. #3 was firing from a slightly reverse slope position so I think the M1's never had LOS/LOF...very cool. I don't know what if any damage they did since we don't have kill stats to look at, but at least 7 missiles hit their targets from high impact angles.

Sure wish that the launcher could be set up away from the crew, like in reality. They even modelled the little wire spool between the guidance unit and the launcher if you zoom in and look at it.

Correction: AT-3C

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