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Play PBEM without CD

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I understand Battlefront's desire to safeguard their IP, and believe me, as a software developer myself, I'm not just saying that.

But can't you do SOMETHING other than the CD in drive check, at least for play by email games? When doing CMBO via email, the play style I use is to play a morning and maybe an evening turn. Without the CD check this would take maybe 10 seconds to open the app and get into a turn. With the check it turns into a royal pain just to get 5 minutes of gaming in!

I love your game, but your protection mechanism treats me like a criminal every time I try to play. Why not send a key code and if someone else starts trying to use that code then you know that it is stolen. Good enough for id software, blizzard, just about everyone else!

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Codes are crap!

It's all fine until someone hacks your personal code and then you are stuck with a game that won't work. It happened to me with "return to castle wolfenstein" (i know a stupid kiddy game :rolleyes: ),

but still, there i was, all that money was a complete waste because ofcourse i didn't get a replacement code from ID -software, that just wasn't their policy.Next time ID brings out a game i'm going WAREZ :mad: .(mumbeling about evil codes and more evil corporations.....)

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