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hi all, ive been looking about and seen that the third patch is ment to be out soon, has anyone got an offical ETA for this, as i know at the moment the game is unplayable for me at least till they fix the gfx probs (8800 series) and the ATGM problems.

at the mo every time i fire a ATGM it missies (well 99.9%) ive read that this is due to a problem with the V1.02 patch, with this patch they introduced an elevation problem for ATGM gunners causing the missiles to miss.

no i dont really want to have to uninstall the game and go back to V1.01 as that has a lot of problems is well. plus i cant even find my saved campaign games anyway and dont really want to start at the begining again :(

so to sumarise, lol any date on the third patch comming out?

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Incorrect. The height bug for ATGMs was reported in v1.01, maybe even in beta. v1.02 did NOT introduce it.

ATGM misses 99% of the time? Sounds like an exaggeration to me, TBH. Could you elaborate on the circumstances? (range, missile type, smoke, was ATGM crew under fire, that sort of stuff)

ETA for v1.03 is one or two weeks. And trust me, as a tester I can tell you BFC is using the time well. smile.gif

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shure ill elaborate. and no its not an exageration unfortunately :(

op diane mission. friendly troops in buildings on roof tops.

all troops are faced towards enemy for better spotting and are hidden.

my op teams call in airstrikes untill i get them in close, less than 500m's

i wait till the T-62's stop as they move in pairs, i then engage with my ATGM crews and ATGM vehicles. i also engage the targets which have been imobilised, these are about 800 to 1000m's away.

so i have my guys engage static targets only while they are not under any type of enemy fire as i have had them on hidden till this point. each missile that is fired always miss'es long. i.e just behind the target. this is the same for vehicles and infantry. i really wish i was exagerating as i have played this mission till im blue in the face and have now quit the game till the next patch.

and this is only since i patched with V1.02 i never had this issue before. i was playing with the downloaded version from battlefront and only patched to V1.02 last week.

thats great news about V1.03, ive never had a bad game from BF till now so will be really glad when the new patch comes out.

also i cant stress enough they really are missing 99.9% of the time!!

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Originally posted by Jaakari:

Anyone has the info about the patch, is it true that 1.02 savegames wont work anymore?

It is possible that some savegames might turn out unloadable or unstable. But this is impossible to say for certain before we have the final patch at hand.

I suspect at least ongoing PBEM games won't work from version to version, due to PBEM fixes.

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"I assume 1.03 is out on Friday...(two weeks from the 10th)"

So we paradox- owners must wait the two more weeks after that friday and then we´ll get broken patch what will be fixed another two weeks. I hope not but fear the worst...

Anybody have clue what kind of fixes will be in 1.03?

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the search tool is your friend:


From Steve in that thread:

"At present we're still testing PBEM but early results look promising that all the problems have been fixed. Several LOS issues have been cleared up, a remaining ATGM bug was finally nailed down (having to do with elevation differences), a bunch of smaller things fixed, a few new things added, and we're still going. v1.03 should be the end of all major outstanding issues. "

followed by:

"By "major outstanding issues" I mean of a technical nature. We will have many more months of improvements and changes to do other things, such as continually tweak the TacAI, make improvements to QBs, etc."

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