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Game Crash!

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Firstly, I love the game even tho I'm about to gripe. I've also not been able to find a related topic which kinda confuses me! :confused:

I set up my boys for their next round of moves.

I eye the enemy positions and pity their little pixel hearts.I save the game cos I'm a chicken with little time.

I press the go button and watch as the blue line begins to creep along its bar.

Then I get a "bong" sound and the game freezes.

The only key which will work is the enter key and this takes me back to the desktop.

Voila...no minimised game it's just shut down.

I click on the desktop icon for CMBB and the game restarts as tho I'd just fired up.

I select the save game and carry on as normal.

This routine happens in a random pattern throughout the game. :confused:

I am playing Cemetry Hill.

My PC is an Athlon 1.0 GB with 256MB RAM and a GE Force 2 64MB.

Any ideas guys it's driving me mad!

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I didn't have any problems with that scenario, but I did have crashes during A Battle of Minors that sounded sort of like your description - the blue bar doesn't reach the end and there is an error noise. I know that the patch is supposed to address the Battle of Minors bug; it might address other possible scenario bugs, too. Do a search for Battle of Minors and see if you find anything relevant.

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