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The other ATI problem (non-Vista)

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I recently installed the Combat Mission: Shock Force Demo with poor results, in that the video card signal to the monitor would die within a few minutes of starting game play. The game was still running, I could hear the game sounds come and go as I alt-tabbed in and out of the game. The reset button was the only solution. I had also been having problems with the full version of TOH. Both problems have been resolved. If you have a similar problem check this link from the TOH forums Peeps with AGP cards .

I own one of the early copies of the first Combat Mission and played all versions PBEM and solo over the years. I don't get much time for gaming any more but its great to see the CM tradition continue! The new engine seems great from the demo. I'm placing my order.

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meaning I could have lowered my screen refresh rate? or?

Never mind that question. If, as you suggest, the engine is not paying attention to the display settings, changing them wont help :rolleyes:

[ August 07, 2007, 06:29 AM: Message edited by: Hammer ]

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My ATI Radeon 9800 has been running CM:SF without any problems on my MS XP pc. I haven't updated the drivers for at least a year. I've run it with 'balanced' video settings and 'best' settings. It runs slow with the 'best' settings and large forces, but I haven't had any crashes yet. I've got the resolution option set to 'desktop'.

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