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Trenches Are Not Properly Displayed

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I'm not sure if this is a bug/driver problem or a 'has to be like this' thing.

Trenches are almost not displayed until I get very close to them with the camera. If I crank up the '3D Texture Quality' from 'balanced' to 'best', it gets just a little better (the camera doesn't have to be that close). But I still have to go very low and close to see where exactly those trenches are.

I tried to play around with the other graphic options without success.

Additionally, my strykers are sometimes flickering (bright/dark). It doesn't bother me too much but maybe that info helps to solve the problem.

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I didn't find anything.

Here are some screen shots:




My specs:

1. BFC download version

2. AMD Athlon 64 single core processor (3200+ 2GHz)

3. nvidia GForce 6800 GT with latest drivers (as of 2007-07-27)

4. 2 GB RAM

5. Windows XP SP2


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