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Repeated CTD during Al Huqf Battle

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Just starting to get into CM:SF, and I'm really excited at the potential.

To learn the basics, I keep trying a small battle with a manageable # of troops -- the Al Huqf engagement, where a single platoon of US troops + Bradley attempt to capture the center of a small town.

The problem is that the game keeps CTD. This has happened 4 times now. It happened at 1 minute, then 3 minutes into the game, then 2 minutes. After restarting 3x and getting frustrated, I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers. Rebooted, fired up the scenario again... this time I was able to play till turn 6 before it CTD.

Very frustrating!

Here's my specs:

Battlefront download, v1.01

Athlon FX-55


Nvidia 8800 GTS with latest drivers 162.18 (the new version updated 7/26/07)

Windows XP Home

The CTD seems to happen when I click on the Red button to start a new turn.

Any suggestions? I'd love to start playing, but having wasted quite a bit of time now playing the same scenario over and over and CTD every single time, I'm wary of getting any further into the game.



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OK, switched to the Training Campaign and tried playing in Real Time, hoping it was just an issue with Al Huqf.

No such luck. Was playing Real Time until 7 minutes into the mission, then put it on Pause to go get some laundry. Came back, and found that CM:SF had crashed to desktop in my absence.

I have not had this problem with any other game or application - my system is generally extremely stable.

What is going on?!


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OK, I may have egg on my face for this one.

I pulled up a CPU temperature utility and found I was running at 70C. Sure enough, the fan was clogged with dust, causing the overheating. Cleaned the machine thoroughly, and no more CTD.

So that's my bad. :<

However, once i was able to play through Al Huqf the entire way, I found the brain-dead AI that has been described in other forums. The enemy had stayed in their starting positions the entire time, not even moving their AFV.

Thinking this game has potential, but I'm hoping the AI gets tweaked in future patches. Until then, this one goes on the shelf.


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