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If what you're speaking of is a non-standard mouse cursor, then it may not show up properly in CM. Generally there's no fix for this to my knowledge. It's best to use standard mouse cursors with CM. If you are using standard mouse cursors and they're disappearing, then you may need to update or change your mouse and/or video driver.

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My mouse driver is the Latest for a logitec P\s2 Cordless Version 9.6, and My Video card is also using the latest Nvidia/creative Geforce4 driver build 28.32,

The Game ran ok on my old Geforce2 ..

So far as I know all my mouse properties are set to Basic Mouse Function, No themes or Enhancements??

Could it Be the Updated Mouse driver isnt supported by the game??

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Which OS are you using and what are your FSAA and DirectX settings for your video card ? What mouse pointer 'scheme' are you using ? Windows Standard or None are your best bets. I'm not sure of the Logitech driver compatibility with CM. The drivers usually work, but it is possible that any new features or changes in the mouse or video driver has made some incompatibilities. Did you upgrade both drivers at the same time or was it just the video card/driver update that started the problem ?

Can you see the cursor at all or is this just some special feature that isn't present ?

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My O/s Is Windows/Me the Mouse only Disapears on starting a Mission/scenario it started after changing my video card from a Geforce2 to a Geforce4 :confused: I also got a replacment Mouse

as the Button on the old one broke (but its the same as the old Mouse (a Logitec Cordless P/s2 mouse), I had the Same Problem with "B17 the Mighty 8th" But got a patch to fix it from there publisher

the Card is set to force FSAA, but so was the Geforce 2.

when I Run in software mod in 640 by 480 the mouse works Fine But in D3D 1280 by 768 it disapears :confused:

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To switch video modes you need to delete the Prefs file, which is usually C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs. Once this is deleted the next time you start CM it will go through the resolution selection process, starting with the current desktop resolution and going down from there (and varying in refresh rate).

It sounds like something is up between your video drivers and the mouse drivers. In the 640x480 software rendering mode the hardware support for Direct3D is skipped, thus the mouse appears because the CPU is doing all of the work and not the video card (or its drivers). I'd suggest completely uninstalling the video drivers and reinstalling the latest set. The instructions at the bottom of this thread should help. If you don't follow them, then your problem will definitely remain. However it is only a guess that this will actually fix your problem.

There will be no more patches to CMBO. While the CDV release is fairly recent, CMBO itself has been out for about two years now and it is considered a finished product (despite some problems you'll see posted in threads).

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